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Samsung has finally unveiled its new flagship device Galaxy S9 which though looks a lot like its predecessor but packs some amazing and unique features which make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Truth be told, we are a bit disappointed because of the lower battery capacity of the device as we are getting used to of seeing a massive battery thanks to Huawei’s devices but we hope that the software optimization will enable the device to last longer.

We still need to test the device to give our detailed pros and cons but just by looking at the device’s specs, we believe that these are the best 5 features of Galaxy S9.

Variable Mechanical Aperture

Galaxy S9 camera
Camera of Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 bets big with the new and improved camera which features first dual and variable aperture for shooting great photos irrespective of the lighting conditions. Both Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature mechanical aperture that can go from F1.5 in low light to F2.4 in brighter conditions.

It can not only reduce noise in dimmer spots but also the user can tweak and experiment with the different apertures in the Pro mode of the smartphone. The mechanical aperture can add more depth to the user’s photograph and can help take pictures without worrying about the light.

Super Slow-Mo Videos

Though this is not a new feature in the smartphone world, still it is one of the most exciting things we have seen in the new Galaxy S9 smartphone which can capture up to 960 frames per second for 0.2 seconds.

On the screen, you can adjust the defined motion detecting box to set the place where you want the device to capture super slow-mo videos. You can also set up this mode manually if you don’t want to depend upon Galaxy S9’s software to slow down the perfect moment.

You can save the slow-mo video as a motion wallpaper or can even create a GIF to share it with your friends or on social media.

AR Emojis

Galaxy S9 AR emoji
AR Emojis on Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 has gone a bit further from Apple’s Animoji to create AR Emojis for the users. They can generate their very own animated avatar simply by taking a still photo. The device captures the facial features of the user to create an emoji that can express emotions.

The smartphone users can use AR emojis to send any message text or recorded to family or friends or to simply have some fun while they are bored.


Galaxy S9 comes with state of the art processor, Exynos 9810 chipset or Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset for the US consumers. Both of these chipsets provide fast processing speeds to the users alongside the latest Android Oreo.


The design of Galaxy S9 resembles a lot with its predecessor, Galaxy S8 which is not bad at all given that we can hardly hate the company’s last year’s flagship as it boasted an astounding design featuring Infinity display by Samsung.

Thankfully, the company responded to the much criticism on the fingerprint reader and placed it below the camera so users won’t smudge the lens while attempting to unlock their device. The back of the device is still a fingerprint magnet but by placing a back cover, this worry can simply go away.

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