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Established in 2003, Meizu is a Chinese marvel which officially began its smartphone manufacturing in 2007 after realizing the need and appreciation of the mobile phone industry. In the recent two years, the company has grown rapidly resulting in a sales revenue of 3 billion in 2016.

The founder of Meizu J.Wong began initially with MP3 players till the product became successful in their own category. This led to the launch of smartphones from their model M8 which served as the first touchscreen phone in China of its time.

After a global success, recently, Meizu has spread its wings much further by investing in the Pakistani handset market with an aim to get bigger with the help of an energetic and dedicated team.

M9 followed with retina display, MX with dual-core MX2 & MX3 with thin bezel boundary and MX4 Pro with front fingerprint identification.

These successful inventions caught the attention of Alibaba. After witnessing the success of Meizu, Alibaba developed a keen interest in the organization and began investing heavily in Meizu’s growth.

Alibaba had already entered the Pakistani E-commerce market in May 2017 and now with Alibaba providing resources and essential support in E-commerce, internet, mobile internet services, data analysis and other aspects while Meizu will extend Alibaba’s mobile internet advantages in the promotion of its smartphones.

The company pays great attention to Design, Manufacturing, innovation and fore mostly; Quality. All it’s smartphones come with an exquisite metal body.

Meizu’s MX4 Pro was the only Android phone with the first front-mounted fingerprint except Apple.

However, this isn’t the full stop to the creativity as the company invested 2.5 million dollars in the mold of the Rear screen of its flagship smartphone. This idea came when it was realized that the interior space of mobile phones have become smaller making it difficult to add another.

So all that can be seen on the front screen, can be easily viewed on Rear that includes notifications, selfies, wallpapers, alarm clock and so on.

Also, Meizu developed its own operating system known as Flyme back in 2012. Flyme is based on Android for smoother operations, aligned user habits and offers greater security. Flyme is also upgraded regularly with new functions and interactive features coming out every year.

All Meizu phones are powered by that latest Flyme 6.0 and with increasing sales of Meizu Smartphones, the users of Flyme have reached to 54 million this app has been downloaded by 25 billion users.

The special part of this operating system is the new Intelligent Thinking Engine “One Mind” that understands the user’s habits, detects the status and identifies regular application by providing solutions accordingly.

Meizu has gained popularity in 30 overseas countries and with the organization’s vigorous expansion, the overseas sales of 2016 was 3.5 times that of 2015. Meizu invested in big sponsorships and advertisements globally, so much so that users recognize its home color which remains blue.

With the same notion, Meizu is set onwards with its success in Pakistan and has already released 3 smartphones in November 2017, however, its 4 new smartphones including M6, M6 Note, Pro 7 and Pro 7 plus (with dual LCD) are to hit the shelves very soon.

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