The daily use of a vehicle causes some components and parts to wear out, for this reason, it is necessary to perform car maintenance, every certain mileage, to avoid mechanical failures, premature damage or accidents.

The main task of vehicle maintenance is to maintain it in a proper appearance and technically sound condition. The main difference between car maintenance and repair is that it is a preventive measure. As for the repair, it is performed when such necessity arises, i.e. when any malfunction or breakdown shows, which makes it difficult or excludes the possibility of operating the vehicle.

The goal of maintenance is to check the proper functioning of the car and change the parts that suffered wear and these are some basics which you should know and never ignore.

Engine Oil

engine check
Take the dip stick out, clean it with some cloth, put it back in and again take it out to check the oil level on the markings, it should never get below the minimum hole.

It is very important to understand that why the car needs engine oil and what will happen if there is a shortage of engine oil or say bad engine oil in your vehicle?

It is essential for the proper functioning of your car as it ensures that each moving part in the engine gets enough lubrication to move easily and avoid friction that causes premature wear. In addition, they contribute to the cooling of the machine which prevents the temperature from rising due to friction.

You must be very careful to check the oil level, change it at regular intervals and use a lubricant of excellent quality. Many brands are available in the market and you can choose any brand you like, but consider that the product adheres to the requirements established by the manufacturer of your car.

Check the manual of your car, observe the periods of change and also check mineral or synthetic oil of which grading is recommended by the manufacturer.

Engine Oil Filter

Oil filter

The purpose of the Oil Filter is to retain the metallic particles from the engine oil which impair the performance of the engine or even seriously damage it. It must be changed with every other alternative oil change so making it the basic part of car maintenance for Pakistanis as we don’t have many cars here which have large oil change intervals.

Engine Air Filter

air filter
Air filter

The Air Filter prevents the engine from sucking up the foreign matter. And it is important to change it regularly. It is often enough to clean and “tap” it against some hard surface but in Pakistani urban conditions, where there is so much dust it should be checked once every two to three months although it holds more.

Air pressure in tires

Tire Pressure check
Get your tires pressure check from a tire shop at petrol pumps, or buy this handy gauge to check the tire pressure, it costs no more than 600 PKR.

To avoid wear and fatal accident, check at least twice a month the pressure in tires if you have the wrong amount of air (either due to excess or lack of air) you will have less control of the vehicle, the braking distance will increase and your tires will wear out faster. The wrong pressure in tires results in bad fuel economy and often cause fatal accidents.

When you exit the highway after a long journey, go for the pressure check, as air might be expanded due to the friction.

If available and affordable for you, go for nitrogen in tires instead of air as it will boost their lives and will help in keeping them cool.

Check the level of coolant

coolant in radiator
Coolants come in red or green color mostly so you can easily check the level without opening the bottle.

The engine generates much heat as there are moving parts inside. While there is oil between those moving parts to reduce the friction and emit less heat but your engine also needs another mechanism to get rid of this heat. Coolant in your radiator here serves that purpose so is much important.

Do take a peek at the level of coolant whenever you open the bonnet for engine oil check. Never use water in radiator other than an emergency as it cause corrosion and has a low boiling point.

Car Battery

car battery
Classic old car battery needs topping up of distilled water

Car batteries that require distilled water, needs to be checked every month so that level never falls below the minimum point. If you have a maintenance free battery that is also known as a dry battery, still you need to check the battery terminals for a sign of corrosion or mineral build-up.

Body Care

car maintenance
wash your car with shampoo, not detergent and use a micro-fiber cloth

A well-groomed body dazzles by itself! Although inevitably, it deteriorates over the years, by washing your car regularly will prevent accumulated dirt from adhering to the paint and damaging it. We suggest using special materials for cars, so you will avoid wear, try to clean the car with a microfiber cloth. You can also wax it once in a couple of months to protect it from the weather.

To keep it in good condition, avoid rubbing the stains dry because you can grate the paint, do not let the stains and, especially the remains like bird faeces for a long time. Keep in mind that the sun damages the paint a lot and is one of the frequent causes of wear, so we recommend you try to park it in places with a roof or shade.

An impeccable body and a careful engine, maintain the market value of your car, provides you with a peace of mind and better reliability on the vehicle, so consider car maintenance as an integral part of your routine! Drive safe, follow the traffic rules and please never drive without a driving license, if you don’t have one, apply online.