Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is no more suspense; it is here among us. The Korean company launched it in New York City in an extravagant event.

Until now, the last year’s Galaxy Note 8 has been one of the best phones in the market and the most expensive Samsung phone that generated some good revenues for the company. Will the newer version will set some new trends is still a question.

Although, most of the speculations came true when the device was announced, we found no significant improvements from Note 8.

Here are 5 best features of Galaxy Note 9 that will certainly compel you to upgrade your phablet if you are a Note fan.

Revamped S Pen

S pen of Note 9

Yes, it’s a reality now, not a rumor anymore. S pen is totally revamped with some cool functionality, Samsung has turned it into a remote control with built-in Bluetooth. You can use it to click selfies and photos. Also, you can use the pen to play pause music, navigate the gallery photos, control presentations.

Charging of S pen is done by docking it back in the phone; it takes less than a minute to charge the stylus which lasts for half an hour. In case it is not charged, the S Pen will still function like before.

Artificial Intelligent Camera

Note 9 Camera

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is presented with a configuration of a double sensor of 12 megapixels and optical tele-zoom of 2x optical. As far as video recording is concerned, this is a model capable of recording 4K video at 60 frames per second.

Note 9 camera takes the game to the next level by moving gradually into the future with super slow motion and improved intelligence to identify when pictures have imperfections or blurring. It notifies if the subject’s eyes are closed, or the picture is blurred. The dual aperture maintains a balance between light and adjusts it to give a perfect shot.

It surely adds productivity and sharpness to mobile phone photography but can it compete with the AI camera of Huawei’s P20 Pro; it remains to be seen. Samsung has also integrated a new way to take remote selfies and photos using its new S-Pen stylus button.

More juice in Battery

One of the best features of Galaxy Note 9 is the introduction of 4,000-mAh battery, compared to the Note 8’s 3,300-mAh, without changing the screen size. It means that now you should have more battery juice to tackle everyday needs.

The previous model’s battery seemed a bit scarce for the most demanding users, having to charge the phone in the afternoon in those more intense days. The new battery has 4000 mAh, which means a 21% increase in capacity.

How the battery translates these mAh’s in real life, it is yet to be seen in real life tests.

Water Cooling System

Note 9 is introducing Water Carbon Cooling System, which will allow optimal performance with more stable temperatures. Samsung has found an ingenious way to keep the Note 9 cool to further 21% under stressful situations by reducing overheating. The new system is helpful for die-hard gamers who keep complaining of overheating during intense game sessions.

With the help of Samsung’s new liquid cooling tech, we expect the device to deliver better performance for during prolonged sessions, and we think it is one of the best features of Galaxy Note 9.

Fortnite Game

Galaxy Note 9 gaming

The other interesting thing comes with note 9 is the new focus on gamers, that in part seeks to join the new trend of more advanced smartphones regarding graphics and performance for this content.

The long wait for “Fortnite” on Android is finally over. After months of anticipation, Epic Games has finally released an Android version of its free hit shooting game, partnering with Samsung to make the app first available to Samsung devices at launch which in this case is Note 9.

In practice at the event, the game looks fluid and graphics take advantage of the color of the device’s screen, which adds to the above new technical features of Galaxy Note 9.