The import of bikes/motorcycles has gone up by 15.52% in the financial Year 2017-18 against the same period of the previous year, as revealed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Pakistanis imported bikes worth $106.382 million in July-June (2017-18), while the imports of bikes in the period of July-June 2016-17 was $92.089 million. The import of bikes has also soared by 23.83% year-on-year.

Moreover, from July 2017 to January 2018, the import of heavy bikes went up by 150 percent to $3.86 million and if we compare the figures with the same period of last fiscal year it was $1.5 million then.

It is worth noting despite the growth of the local market, imports have gone higher instead which should ring bells in the concerning government departments.

Last year alone, the local bike manufacturers sold over 1.6 million bikes, while Honda was leading the front by selling over 1.0 million motorbikes. Even a better performance from the local manufacturers couldn’t affect the import bill which is on the higher side.

Reasons For Escalation in Bike Imports

No Touring Bikes

Pakistan has no proper touring bikes available in the market. Enthusiasts left with no option other than to import vehicles for their journeys. Bikes like Yamaha YBR G, Honda 150 and Yamaha YBR G provides a little help but they are not properly meant for touring purposes. Road Prince launched RX3 250cc which is basically a Zongshen RX3 but just one model is not enough to cater the needs of tourers.

Expensive Heavy Bikes

Many people are also importing 250-500cc Chinese replica bikes into the country to enjoy the thrill of riding a heavy bike while not spending a lot of money, as the original ones cost millions. This could also be the reason for bikeĀ imports hike.

Dolphin Force Bikes

Law enforcement agencies like Dolphin forceĀ are equipping its personnel with heavy bikes which are not locally made so it also adds the numbers in the imports bill. The white elephant of Punjab government, Dolphin force, is equipped with 500cc Honda Bikes.