CarFirst – Pakistan’s leading used-car trading portal, have provided potential car sellers a safe and hassle-free process. The online portal and mobile application

The online portal and mobile application offer their private network of buyers the fastest way to find the perfect car through a 3-step procedure which has been specially designed to cater to the issues prevalent in the used-car industry.

Problems with Buying and Selling Used Cars

In Pakistan, the used car market is largely unregulated. From forged documentation to delayed car payments, the used car market is rife with opportunities for exploitation.

Potential sellers, apart from experiencing a delay in payment and under-evaluation of their vehicle, also have a hard time finding suitable and genuine buyers.

The biggest problem is a complete lack of transparency in the vehicle evaluation process, and ultimately sellers are often cheated out of a fair price for their car.

CarFirst has a unique business model where they buy vehicles from individual sellers and sell them to car dealers. With CarFirst playing the role of a middleman, it not only eliminates the risks involved but also ensures that the vehicle will be bought at fair price with payment made in an hour.

How to Sell Used Car with CarFirst

Supported by an efficient, automated online system, CarFirst’s 3-step process is simple enough to be used by everyone.

  1. Make an appointment for car inspection by calling the helpline or through an online form.
  2. Take the vehicle to their car-inspection centers available in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. A team of trained professionals will evaluate the car based on their 115-point checklist which includes c+omplete assessment including document verification.
  3. Once, complete, CarFirst makes an offer to purchase the vehicle based on fair price and once agreed, CarFirst issues the payment to the seller.

Commenting on second-hand car market, Raja Murad Khan, Co-Founder, and CEO of CarFirst said, “Our process is extremely transparent and risk-free, where sellers and dealers can utilize the services of CarFirst without any fear. Through our process, we make sure that sellers get their car sold a market competitive price with easy and secure payment system while dealers get attested documentation and good condition cars”.