Chaman, Gourmet Ice cream and two other brands are found to be hazardous for human consumption, reports Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on its website.

PFA declared 47 samples unfit for human consumption from 4 brands namely:

  • Gourmet Ice cream
  • Chaman Ice cream
  • Royal Ice cream
  • Badami Kulfa

The authority already seized and disposed of the existing stock of the above brands.

156 samples from 11 brands were taken from the market in September this year. After testing the samples thoroughly in the approved lab of PFA, the authority presented its report and took the action accordingly.

Yesterday, an application was filed in the Lahore registry of apex court by PFA Director General Muhammad Usman in which he complained that GNN news channel, owned by the Gourmet group has started a campaign against him and PFA. The channel is busy in character assassination after the operation against Gourmet Foods.

Supreme court of Pakistan ordered to seal all the ice cream production facilities of Gourmet Foods across Punjab. Chief Justice (CJP), Mian Saqib Nisar not only issued orders to seize the ice cream units but also asked PFA to collect samples of other edibles of the company.

CJP instructed the owner of the GNN news and Gourmet Foods to appear before the court and explain his conduct over the matter.

Note here that a call was made by the group to CJP asking favors that has angered the topmost judge. “How dare you make a sifarshi call to me, Is this news channel is to protect your other businesses?,” Saqib Nisar added in anger.