Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to introduce the paper-less culture in government organizations, first by converting his office into an e-office while hoping that other departments and institution will follow the suit.

While presiding a briefing by Information Technology and Telecom ministry, PM expressed his concerns over the slow progress of different government departments in employing e-solutions and digital transformation.

Senior Ministers and government officers attended the briefing where IT minister Dr. Khalid Maqbool informed PM about the future plans of the IT ministry.

PM highlighted the need to swiftly plan and implement the policies while he directed his advisor, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, to design a thorough roadmap with timelines to ensure a proper and quick transformation into e-governance and paper-less e-offices.

Regarding the issues faced by the young entrepreneurs in the IT sector, PM directed Finance Minister Asad Umar to come up with a strategy to facilitate the IT experts by paying them immidiately after hiring their expertise and services.

Many countries in the world are already using e-governance and paper-less e-offices mechanism which is enabling them to take quick decisions and respond to the challenges in a systematic manner.

Speaking of the global trend of going paperless, Dubai government has also announced to go total paperless in the year 2021 after which it will not issue or receive any kind of paper whatsoever while the last paper will be placed in the museum as a token of accomplishment.

Going paperless and devising e-governance is the need of the hour, it’s very commendable that the PTI government is thinking in the right direction by establishing paper-less e-offices.

E-governance will not only help the government tackle the menaces like corruption but will also provide huge benefits to an ordinary citizen.