The world is buzzing about Samsung’s latest top of the line smartphone, Galaxy Note 8 and while the company left no stone unturned to make the device a huge success, sadly the same cannot be said when it comes to phone’s security.

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Recently, web developer and user experience designer Mel Tajon revealed a major flaw regarding the facial recognition feature of Galaxy Note 8, which can be fooled by your Facebook profile photo.

In a video, which he posted on Twitter, Mel conducted a test where one phone which had his selfie was able to unlock the Galaxy Note 8.

The worst thing about this feature is that a low-quality picture, like that of one present in your Facebook profile can also do the trick.

We previously saw the same problem in the Galaxy S8 where several videos appeared on YouTube and other social media sites which showed how easily the face recognition could be tricked with a photograph of the user.

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The smartphones have become a central hub of our digital lives that know intimate details about us and holds sensitive information for us, which is why this new development is troublesome.

People, for quite some time, have been making a trade-off between convenience and security but it is about time that we get the two side by side.

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In all fairness, Samsung cannot be blamed in this situation as the software shows a clear disclaimer that facial recognition is “less secure that pattern, PIN or password.”

The launch of the new iPhone 8 is just around the corner, bound to take place on September and it would be exciting to see whether Apple has finally solved this problem for the users or smartphone users just have to tolerate this shabby feature.