You should stop downloading the unnecessary apps to your smartphone. The largest Android apps market on the Internet – Google Play Store is reportedly hosting more than 400 vulnerable apps and games. As per the latest report from a security research firm TrendLabs, there are many malicious apps and games on Google’s Play Store, and they can spy on the users.

These apps periodically send your sensitive data to the cybercriminals. Some unverified apps on the Play Store are available with the name of famous apps, but they are actually the fake versions of them. One such app is the Grand Theft Auto V mod, which connects to the servers controlled by the hackers and share your data with them.

Moreover, in addition to sharing your smartphone’s and network’s data, the app can also turn your device into a gateway which it uses as the primary point to attack any other device. Fortunately, the staff at Google says that they are aware of this kind of apps, and is making its efforts to delete the malicious apps from the Google Play Store.

Back in May, Google removed some 190 Android applications from the Google Play Store after a Russian anti-malware company, Dr.Web discovered a malware in these apps and reported it to the staff at Google. This malware was targeting the users who downloaded these apps.

The researchers indicated that these apps were infected with the virus known as Android.Click.95. It stays for six hours before actually attacking the device. After six hours, the malware directs the user to a website that shows fake warning messages. These messages warn the user that his phone is working slow and he should install another software to resolve this problem.

Google took the action and removed all the 190 Android applications that were found infected.