The government has decided to curb the individual functionality of PEMRA and the Press Council as autonomous bodies and merge them into a single entity called Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting of newly elected PTI Government, Fawad Chaudhry, was speaking to media in a press conference where he emphasized that both  Print and Electronic media will be regulated through a single authority.

He said the measure would help save national resources as the new regulatory body would look after electronic, print and social media simultaneously.

The new regulator, named Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority, will comprise top officials and representatives from the media industry, the info minister informed.

Established on March 1, 2002, Pemra’s principal objectives were to facilitate and regulate the private electronic mass-media industry and to improve the standards of information, education, and entertainment.

Pemra was under much criticism in past, they even had started a learning program called “Code of Conduct – A Collective Responsibility” to discuss the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015 and to get the feedback from the relevant stakeholders but of no use.

Speaking about state television, PTV, Chaudhry reiterated that his ministry has ended censorship of state media and the state television channel will broadcast whatever happens in the Parliament.

He said the public’s money will not be used by the government for personal advertisements. Slamming the rival Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, he said, “PML-N government sustained itself through advertisements.”