Although this quarter has not been great regarding the global smartphone shipments as a whole, there is still one notable name that has seen a growth over the year, HMD Global. Being a parent company of the Nokia brand, HMD has finally made its way to the top 10 smartphone manufacturers.

A few years back, Nokia brand was destined to doom until HMD Global decided to revive the phones. SO they put their back into it and resultantly got an astonishing 782% growth just over the past year, as a counterpoint research claims.

The first half of the year has passed with some interesting happenings to witness like Huawei taking on Apple with its tremendous growth in the first half.

Whats further astounding is that even though the giants like Samsung, Apple and Huawei have captured a huge chunk of the market share, HMD Global has managed to capture 1% of the market which resulted in placing it in the top 10 smartphone makers regarding shipments.

While HMD Global knew that with its initial minimal sales it couldn’t compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple, the company silently captured bigger markets like India, China, and Russia with its midrange smartphones to return the Nokia brand to its former glory.

Although Nokia’s comeback may be affiliated with the nostalgic value that this name provides, it’s not just that. The company has also strived to attain this spot by aligning itself with the prevailing market trends and standards.

With the Android One initiative from the company and its close relations with Google, we think that Hmd Global will rise to new heights in the coming times, provided that they remain persistent.