Honor 10 is the perfect consolation prize for those who simply cannot afford to splurge on Huawei P20 which was launched in March 2018. The two smartphones almost carry the same looks including an iPhone X inspired notched display which has become a trend in this year’s Android devices.

If you have read our overview of the flagship device, it should not come as a surprise when we say Honor 10 is a gorgeous beast but does it deserve to be in the running of best flagship device of 2018? Let’s find out:


It won’t be wrong to say that Honor has discovered a secret to providing the best-looking smartphones for its users. From its budget to midrange devices, we have seen the company offering a premium looking device to the consumers, just ask Honor 9 Lite. So it is not quite a huge surprise to find Honor 10’s design breathtakingly beautiful.

Honor 10 Back
Back of Honor 10

Just like many other flagship devices on the market, Honor 10 comes with a glass body which looks quite amazing but on the downside, the smartphone is a fingerprint magnet and you would probably need to clothe its body in a back cover.

Honor 10 despite offering a large 5.84 inches screen is not a huge device at all rather it sits comfortably in just one hand. Thanks to the curved edges of the smartphone, the user can maintain an easy grip on the device without worrying about dropping it from their hands.

As compared to its predecessor, Honor 9, the new flagship device offers more screen to the users owing to the reduced bezels on Honor 10. There is still a wide chin at the bottom of the display but considering that it houses a fingerprint scanner, we cannot complain at all.

Honor 10 fingerprint sensor
Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor in Honor 10

The back of the smartphone houses a dual AI camera setup at the top left side that comes with a small bulge which is not displeasing and doesn’t take away from the overall design of the smartphone.

We have a power and volume rocker button on the right side of the smartphone which as always are quite easy to reach for the user.

Honor 10 right side
Power and Volume Rocker Buttons on the right side of Honor 10

The SIM tray is present on the left side and the user does not get an option to add a MicroSD card which is not a real problem given the fact that Honor 10 offers a 128GB of internal storage.

At the bottom, we have a USB Type C port, a headphone jack, and a speaker grill while the top houses an IR Blaster that can turn the smartphone into a remote controller.

Honor 10 bottom
Bottom Side of Honor 10
Honor 10 IR Blaster
IR Blaster at the top of Honor 10

The smartphone is a bit lighter than its predecessor and thus the user won’t have to worry about tiring his/her hands anytime soon.


Honor 10 offers a very different display from Honor 9; it follows the latest Android trend of offering a notch on top which houses the front camera and an earpiece. The device features a 5.84 inches display with 79.9% screen to body ratio, 19:9 aspect ratio and 1080 x 2280 pixels screen resolution.

The smartphone’s display is bright, sharp, clear and vibrant. It also comes with the option of letting the device automatically lower the screen resolution to save power which it calls “Smart Resolution.” The user can also set the screen resolution manually and choose between HD+ (1520 x 720 pixels) or FHD+ ( 2280 x 1080 pixels) from the settings.

Honor 10 smart resolution
Screen Resolution Settings on Honor 10

If you have a problem with the too bright display, you can always opt for the night mode which can give your eyes some much-needed break especially if you love to read books on your smartphone.

You can also change the color mode and temperature of your smartphone from the Display settings.

If you are not a fan of the notch just like me, you can make it disappear from the settings. All you have to do is select the Display Settings, go to notch and choose Hide Notch.

Honor 10 Notch settings
Notch Settings in Honor 10


Honor 10 features Kirin 970 chipset with AI capabilities which made its debut last year in Huawei Mate 10 series and is also a part of the company’s recently launched flagship device Huawei P20.

The device also sports a 4GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage which combined with the smartphone’s processor presented a promising picture and after testing the device for over a week, we can safely say that this device is a powerful beast.

Honor 10 scored 198955 on Antutu and on Geekbench, the device scored 1896 on single core and 6549 on multi-core.

During our tests, we find no major hiccups in performance and as expected the device ran smoothly and gracefully performed all the tasks for us. The 5.84 inches large screen is a haven for gamers. We played resource heavy games including Modern Combat 5, Dead Trigger 2, Real Racing 3 and Deer Hunter on the smartphone and not once did it showed any signs of lag.

Honor 10 Gaming
Playing Games on Honor 10

The touchscreen worked brilliantly and we had no problem controlling any character while playing mobile games. Honor’s latest flagship device also performed amicably whilst multitasking and can be a choice for average or power users alike.

The smartphone packs a 3400mAh battery which comes with Huawei’s Supercharge feature which as expected can top of the phone’s battery in a very short time. It takes Honor 10 around 1 hour and 15 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, which is quite impressive.

During the light usage for around 1 hour which included using WhatsApp, checking out social media, making calls, sending text messages and using WiFi, the smartphone’s battery fell from 82% to 63% while when we repeated the same process with LTE, the battery fell by 25%.

During our gaming session of one hour, the smartphone’s battery fell from 63% to 36% while using the camera for 3 hours with Airplane Mode, Honor 10’s battery fell from 68% to 20%.

Looking at the stats, one thing is clear that you should probably invest in a good power bank if you plan to buy Honor 10 or you should keep your phone’s charger handy as it can charge up your device in a small time. You should also opt to choose Smart Screen Resolution and Power Saving Mode to extend your battery life.


Honor 10 comes with Dual 16MP + 24MP Dual AI Cameras which managed to perform far more than our initial expectations. The smartphone effortlessly captures all the details in the pictures and doesn’t miss out on the depth of the subject.

One of the most interesting features of Honor 10 is its ability to shoot a moving object with finesse in the Pro Mode. Once there was a time when we couldn’t play with shutter speed in bright places as it made the picture overexposed but now we can lower the exposure and the shutter speed to capture the image of a moving object using Honor 10.

Pro Mode on Honor 10
Pro Mode, slow shutter

The smartphone captures amazing colors and while there is little difference between the standard and HDR mode, the AI Mode makes the colors pop in the image without making them feel unnatural.

Standard Mode on Honor 10
Standard Mode
HDR Mode
HDR Mode
AI Mode on Honor 10
AI Mode

As you can see above, the first picture is taken in standard mode which is almost the same as the photo taken in HDR mode (the second picture) while the last picture taken in AI Mode brings the colors to life.

AI Mode on Honor 10
AI Mode
AI Mode on Honor 10
AI Mode

The device itself can slow down the shutter speed in the AI mode, a handy feature when you are shooting at night, to provide beautiful and well-lit images; suffice to say we love AI capability in Honor 10’s camera.

Standard Mode on Honor 10
Standard Mode
AI Mode on Honor 10
AI Mode

While using the bouquet mode, it sometimes takes more than one try to get the right image as the smartphone can often blur the main subject of the picture. It also tends to blur out the edges of the subject but as we have said, just take another picture and you’ll be fine.

Bokeh Mode on Honor 10
Bokeh Mode

Another camera feature that made us adore the Honor 10 was the Artistic Mode which churns out creative images for the user.

Artistic Mode on Honor 10
Artistic Mode

Also, if you are tired of the Samsung’s AR Emojis, you should definitely check out the 3D Creator feature of the Honor’s new flagship smartphone that can scan the user’s face and then you can change your appearance like hair color, hairstyle, make a Gif and send it to your friends and family.

With Honor 10, you can also expect amazing black and white and food pictures for your Instagram.

Monochrome Lens on Honor 10
Food Mode on Honor 10
Food Mode

If you are into taking portraits, you will love the 3D lighting feature on Honor 10 that can lighten or darken the portrait to make the subject be the center of attention.

The 24MP front snapper is also a treat for us as it can capture very accurate details and performs way better than the smartphones that market themselves on selfie cameras. The beauty mode does not make the pictures look artificial and you get a good depth in the selfie.

Honorable Mentions

In this category, we will be reviewing some of the features that we found quite interesting during our initial use:

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

One of the things that set Honor 10 apart from Huawei’s flagship devices is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which is seamlessly hidden behind the screen’s glass and adds to the design of the smartphone.

The company also gives a disclaimer before fingerprint enrollment that the user’s fingerprint may be less secure than a complex pattern or a strong PIN.

Face Unlock

Though Honor itself warns the user that Face Unlock feature may be a less secure option, we cannot help but notice that it is very easy to use and works quite well even in the dark.

Easy Access to Google Assistant

To access the Google Assistant, the user simply needs to long press the on-screen home navigation key if they don’t feel like saying “Ok Google.”

Remote Control

There is an IR blaster at top of the smartphone which makes Honor 10 a handy remote for all your electronic devices including TV, Air Conditioner, Set-top Box, Camera, Network STBs, DVD Player and Projector.

We tried out this feature with our Kenwood Air Conditioner and Honor 10 automatically found the right settings for the device, enabling us to control the temperature via our smartphone.

Game Suite

Honor 10 comes with a Game Suite app which is specially designed for those who prefer playing games on their smartphones. The device will automatically identify and collect the games present on Honor 10 in Game Suite for the ease of access.

The user can also enable game acceleration which can optimize system’s settings for gaming but will drain away the phone’s battery. They can also enjoy uninterrupted gaming which when enabled will hide all on-screen notifications except for low battery alerts, calls, and alarms (the phone will not ring during alarms and calls).

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a powerful device with a beautiful design that can respond to whatever you throw at it, Honor 10 is the smartphone of your dreams. Though you have to be careful of the device’s battery which may not last too long for the power users, the Supercharging feature more than make up for this slight off turning feature.