Huawei and Oppo are widely known as the brands that facilitate their users with flagship design and specs all while remaining in the affordable slab. Oppo F9 and Huawei Nova 3i are the latest and best examples of such handsets.

Both the phones are available at the same price in Pakistan. Both the phones are being sold for Rs. 40,000/- at the moment. After our in-depth comparison of Huawei Nova 3i and Oppo F9, we decided to let the phones battle out in the battery segment.

Oppo F9 packs a 3500mAh battery supported by fast charging whereas its competitor, Huawei Nova 3i sports a negligibly lesser 3340mAh battery.

The battery drain video test was conducted without any connectivity i.e. all the radio connections like WiFi and mobile data were turned off. The brightness on both kept to full and the same 1080P video was played on both the devices.

Check out the video for our battery drain test below

The results were astonishing. Despite having a smaller battery, Huawei nova 3i won the test by a huge margin and managed to run almost an hour more than the Oppo F9 which disappointingly died, way before we expected.