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If you are in love with photography, and you have a habit of recording every moment of your loved ones, then you probably don’t like to rely on the smartphone camera. However, the new Huawei P9 can change the notion since the ever-improving technology inside Huawei P9 and the big brother Huawei P9 Plus, has given smartphone photography a new reputation.

Ayaad Damouni, a famous photographer in Dubai, also finds the camera of Huawei P9 and P9 plus a topnotch feature in a smartphone. He was expressing his experience with this new smartphone at the launch event of flagship phones in Dubai which was initially launched in London earlier.

Without going into other things that representatives discussed at the event, let’s just find out how different this smartphone camera is.

Huawei P9 has best camera

Talking about smartphone photography, the biggest challenge we face is the distorted images under low light conditions. But, Huawei P9 takes advantage of 2 lenses on board.

The one in monochrome gives more depth and wider dynamic range. It allows more light to the sensor and when combined with the color lens; the result is brighter and sharp images with a more vibrant range even under poorest light conditions.

Similarly, laser focus and depth focus provides images of high contrast

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Professional Bokeh with Huawei P9

It is primarily the domain of professional photographers who keep playing with a particular subject in focus while keeping the rest of the item out of focus.

Doing such a trick with a smartphone is a no-no idea unless you are a highly skilled photographer. Latest smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S7 are coming with this DSLR level feature, but Huawei P9 has gone one step forward. You can easily keep an item ‘focused’ in your frame and turn the rest of the things ‘blurred’ for creating more professional photos.

Photos were taken with Huawei P9

Huawei P9 bokeh

Huawei P9 camera bokeh

Huawei P9 camera bokeh effect

Huawei P9 camera result

Why a separate lens for black & white photos

Many photographers, who prefer some classic shooting, are in love with taking black and white photos. Although smartphones camera apps have a black and white mode, however, it is entirely different than what Huawei P9 offers with a full dedicated lens that does the job in a more natural way.

Contrary to other smartphones inbuilt modes which take flat pictures, P9’s gives pure white and pure black with a natural grey shade in between along with more depth.

Leica’s Flavor

The camera has been co-engineered by Huawei and photography giant Leica, and this is why you get the entire Leica interface, fonts and shutter sound inside P9.

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