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The famed ‘Selfistan’ Noir A1 from QMobile has many exciting features for impressing its audience under 30K price range. It is the first phone that QMobile put for pre-ordering and for Rs. 27,500 the smartphone caters to more than one kind of smartphone fans; the selfie obsessed people who are all over the social media and WhatsApp and the budget restrained power users who always curse their smartphones for leaving their companionship due to a fragile battery.

16MP front camera with selfie flash and 4010 mAh battery which charges quickly make the deal spicier.

If you want to know what accessories this phone is providing in the box, click here.


183 gm of this gadget is on a heavier side, but this comes with a justification of having been manufactured with A-6000 Aircraft Grade Metal that occupies the back of the phone in a matte finish style and doesn’t welcome fingerprint smudges so easily. Metal is in, and in this mid-priced phone, a metal body means a premium look that for sure, Noir A1 gives.

QMobile Noir A1 Backside

Another apparent reason is the lots of battery juice inside, one of the three primary reasons this smartphone is known for.

The sides are a little bit curvier in favor of giving your hand a proper grip on the phone. Other than that, the back of the phone boasts a 13 MP auto focus lens along with an LED flash light.

This Noir A1 produces some crispy colors on its 5.5inches IPS Full HD display that can brighten up to a very decent level and keeps you comfortable for almost any kind of content. You can, however, set out of three LCD effects which are Neutral, Cool and Warm color; your own preference will give you a different experience every time especially if you are watching a movie on this big screen or reading a long story.

The top only houses 3.5 mm audio jack, and right across, at the bottom, two grilles can be seen. The right one is the speaker whereas the left one is a mic.

QMobile Noir A1 Audio jack

The right side holds the usual power and volume rocker, and the left side carries a SIM tray where you can put a nano as well as a micro SIM. The former also shares the slot with microSD card so if you are putting a 256GB external card, forget about the nano SIM.

QMobile Noir A1 USB Charging Port

16 MP Selfie camera on the front along with selfie flash and the fingerprint reader are other two primary selling features of this phone. The scanner is very quick in unlocking the screen and so gives you a chance to find yourself in the league of phones that are famous for their finger functions.

The touch on this 1080p display is very responsive, and it even allows the hands in gloves to operate the phone without any problem.

The screen is sharp, the colors are vivid, and the exciting thing is that Noir A1 is equipped with Android Nougat and Ameego 3 which is the customized layer from Q that introduces many features and apps. It comes with many built-in apps and among them is Q App Store. We are not sure if it can dare to be an alternate of Play Store anytime soon?


As mentioned above the 16MP front camera with 2.0 aperture along with selfie flash is a deal maker for this phone. The selfies carry good color balance and contrast. We didn’t notice overexposure with default settings unless you ruin it yourself by overdoing the beauty mode. Under bright light the details came out were satisfactory; however, under the low light conditions, the flash try to rescue the moments for catching as much detail as possible and produces some reasonable photos. Night shots will really need your skill and patience to control capture scenes with lesser noise. In this price range, it would be foolishly wrong to expect anything similar to what we see coming out of Dual lens Huawei P10, Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7.

In the auto mode, the selfie flash turns on whenever the lens detects a face.

The camera app in the selfie mode has some interesting tweaks for making them a little more charming. Face beauty Mode gives you options to see the makeup of your face happening in real time, but you can always play with your beauty after taking the shot as well.

The rear camera has a plethora of modes to play with for going a bit more creative. 13 MP camera with f2.0 aperture and 1.12 um pixel backed by LED flash doesn’t disappoint you, and it falls in the list of recommended cameras in this price range. Professional, Night, GIF, Card Scanner features are handy; however, Text Recognition for not doing the job and Slow Motion for wobbly clip due to very few frames need some improvements

Overall, the camera app opens very fast on Noir A1, and it takes pictures even more quickly. You keep pressing the shutter button, and it will keep making photos for static objects, however, for the moving subjects, it will always set the focus first so you can’t expect similar speed. Similarly, a long press will take the 20 burst shot.

Following is the result of camera and underneath you can find the video showing the images along with zoom and the video result.


4010 mAh battery is the jewel in the crown which stands out this phone among rivals in this league. A smartphone is as useless as a brick when its battery gets exhausted in the middle of the day, and you have no other way but to curse your decision of buying the device.

With ultra fast charging feature it regains hundred percent life in 2 hours before it gets ready for a complete day. Power users will be happy to abuse it as much as they can till the night, and still, there will be few last breaths left for some late night statuses and songs. We run this gadget on the dual network with mobile data active all the time. The battery was simply impressive

We could watch The Fate of the Furious almost 5 times on a single charge (without SIM) and 2 hours of rigorous gaming (with dual SIMs) could drain only 20% of juice.


Along with 4GB of RAM, Noir A1 is run by Helio P10 (MT6755) – 2.0 GHz MediaTek chip. Media Tek says it is 30% more power efficient than other 28nm processors. We almost stuffed the phone with every possible app during our three weeks testing, and it never disappointed us. Multiple browsers, music or movies in the background, camera, and torrents both on wifi and data network were just swift.

QMobile Noir A1 Multitasking
The state of available RAM under various conditions

Games of likes Real Racing 3, World of Tanks, Deer Hunter Classic, Lara Croft Relic Run, Vainglory and Zombie Highway 2 had no problem with processing. The details were sharp, and there was no frame drop. Multiple games in the background depleted the RAM drastically. Many times, we only had 250 MB left, and things would get laggy when switching games but the active app’s experience was always acceptable.

QMobile Noir A1 Antutu benchmarking score
Benchmark results

You can easily have a clue from the Antutu benchmarking score which is not bad at 48,615 and much ahead of Oppo F1s which scores 41,103 on the same app.

The speed of fingerprint scanner is impressive, and it just does the work with a blink of an eye.


Noir A1 can play 1080p videos in mp4 format with no issue. However, some big .mkv videos of over 2GB in size will struggle. If you have the USB full of songs and movies, OTG cable comes handy backed by a massive battery for an entertaining experience.

The sound level on loudspeaker could have been much better had Q provided another speaker underneath the second grille, but unfortunately, that is just symbolic, however, with headphone it is much amusing. To sweeten the music experience, there is WAVES MaxxAudio built-in.

The FM radio app is simple and scans almost every station. Sound recorder isn’t very sensitive, so you have to put it near to the voice source, but it is not a very bad experience either.

Few more interesting things

QMobile Noir A1 Call record option
Call recording and notes feature
  • While you are in the middle of a business call, for taking some notes, call interface gives you an icon to bring-forth note pad app while keeping you on the same interface. Journalists or bloggers, who interview people can make use of call record option.
  • Double tap the screen locks the phone.
  • Edge Menu is a short way to reach you most frequently used apps. Swipe left or right on the home button and a menu with app icons pops from each side that you can edit from the setting area.
  • System Manager is coming with every latest phone with different names. Its a handy tool for keeping phone’s memories clean with just one tap.


QMobile Noir A1












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