How To Join Uber and Careem with Your Car

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Uber and Careem drivers

Are you thinking about making some extra money on the side? If yes, then you’ve come to a right place (only if you have a car). Uber and Careem, the ride-sharing companies were launched in Pakistan last year, giving people the luxury of earning cash by offering taxi service to the citizens for a couple of hours.

Ever since the cab-hailing companies, Uber and Careem, have made its way to the Pakistani market, people have been rushing to use their service as a means of transportation.

People can sign up to become a part-time driver for Uber and earn up to 1 lac rupees, or in the case of Careem, a captain to earn more than 40,000 per month.

How To Become an Uber Driver

uber insurance

Uber is USA based ride-sharing company that gives their independent contractors the luxury to set up their own schedule and start driving whenever they want. Here’s how you can sign up to become an Uber driver:

  1. Make sure you’re 18 years of age, have an eligible vehicle and a smartphone
  2. Sign up online on Uber’s website
  3. Upload your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), driving license, photograph, and proof of vehicle registration
  4. Stop by Greenlight Hub (Uber’s Office) for driver screening
  5. Download the Uber Driver mobile application
  6. Once your account is activated, log into the app and you can start earning money

Vehicle Specifications for Uber

  1. Engine capacity: Any car with an engine capacity of 600cc or greater
  2. Body Style: 4 full, independently opening doors
  3. Seating: Must have seats and seat belts for the driver and 4 passengers
  4. No cosmetic damage or missing pieces
  5. No full-sized vans or trucks
  6. No commercial branding
  7. Cars model year 2001 or newer qualify to drive with uberGO (Working AC is mandatory)
  8. The car should be registered

These are the most popular car models for Uber right now but other can also qualify as well:

  • Toyota: Corolla, Vitz, Prius, Passo, Belta, Aqua, Yaris
  • Suzuki: Cultus, Wagon R, Mehran, Swift, Alto, Liana, Every
  • Hyundai:  Santro
  • Honda: City, Civic, Life, Fit
  • Daihatsu: Move, Mira, Hijet

How To Become a Careem Captain

Careem Pakistan

Careem is a mobile app-based car booking service company. It is based in Dubai and was launched in Pakistan last year. Careem likes to call their independent contractors/drivers “Captains” and offers a wide number of options for riders as well as captains to further facilitate their experience. Their registration process consists of the following six steps:

  1. Car Registration
  2. Captain Registration
  3. Captain Training
  4. Training Test
  5. Configuration
  6. Getting onboard with Careem

Here’s how you can sign up to become a Careem captain:

  1. Sign up online on Careem’s website
  2. Upload your documents
  3. Attend the training session on the given date and pass the Captain’s test
  4. Start earning with Careem

Vehicle Specifications for Careem

Careem asks for different types of vehicles for different cities. We have compiled the detailed as below;

For Islamabad
  • Go+: Sedans (example: Corolla, City, Civic, Prius) 2001-2017, Hatchbacks (example: Vitz, Alto, Mira, Wagon R) 2001-2017 model 1300cc and above
  • Go: Hatchbacks (example: Mehran, Vitz, Alto, Santro) 2001-2017, between 660cc to 1200cc, Mehran has to be a 2007 or above model
  • Taxi: Mehran 1995-2017 (Only commercial taxi cars)
For Lahore
  • Business Class: Sedans 2013-2017 (depends upon the rating of the Captain)
  • Go+: Sedans 2001-2017
  • Go: All Models of Local and Imported Hatchback cars, Mehran & local Alto 2000-2017
For Karachi
  • Business Class: Local and Imported Sedan cars 2016-2017 (CNG not allowed)
  • Go+: Local and Imported Sedan Cars 2008-2015 (CNG not allowed)
  • Go: Local and Imported Sedan Cars 2001-2017, Local and Imported Hatchback Cars 2002-2017 (CNG allowed)
For Faisalabad 
  • Business Class: Local and imported Sedans 2010-2017 (CNG not allowed)
  • Go+: Local and Imported Hatchback cars 2012-2017 (CNG not allowed)
For Hyderabad
  • Go: Registered Local and Imported cars 2002-2017, Registered Suzuki Mehran and Alto 2007-2017
For Peshawar
  • Go: Sedan Local Model 2008 and above
  • Go: Hatchback Local Model 2010 and above
  • Go: Sedan Imported Model 2005 and above
  • Go: Hatchback Imported Model 2007 and above

Required Documents for Careem

  • CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card),
  • Driving license
  • Photograph with white background
  • Proof of vehicle registration or bank authority letter and excise document if the car is leased
  • Two recent utility bills of the current address
  • IBAN number (Printed on a cheque or official Account information statement-Manually written IBAN will not be accepted)
  • Car insurance

Careem also gives the luxury of walking into their office for getting yourself registered. Just bring original CNIC, original and computerized driving license, Android smartphone and two recent Utility bills of current address. Check out this guide explaining what to do if Careem overcharges you.

Who is Vendor?

Uber and Careem are not car rentals, so they never take your car alone. If you are not willing to drive your car, you have to arrange a driver yourself, then you can register him with your car as a captain or driver, and you will be registered as a vendor on Uber and Careem portal.