The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government is aiming high by planning to elevate the volume of IT exports in their 5 years tenure setting a massive target.

The provincial government has decided to amplify the Information technology sector to a level to finish their term with IT exports revenue generation around $10 billion.

“IT exports is our top priority and it is in line with PM Imran Khan’s vision to stand on own feet without any foreign aid and loans”, said Special Assistant to KP Chief Minister for IT Kamran Khan Bangash.

Although the target seems somehow difficult to achieve as there is no road map declared by the government, the special assistant to CM stressed, “We have a strategy to achieve a target of $10 billion in next five years with the help of the talent in the country”.

Importing any product lodges significant benefits for the country, as it provides enhanced profits and sales potential while also helps in the growth of individuals behind it but IT exports are peculiar in nature as they;

  • Digitize public sectors departments
  • Attract huge local and foreign investment
  • Promote infant industries
  • Generate jobs opportunities for youth.
  • Demands no extraordinary resources

“The KP government will computerize the record of departments of revenue, police, excise, and taxation in the first phase in order to provide quick services to people,” Bangash said.

Speaking about the Information technology and science education in the province, he added, “We have designed a comprehensive plan for the creation of computer laboratories in over 1,000 primary, high and higher secondary schools by next year”

KP government is here taking the lead and is the first one to come up with an agenda to support and accelerate the IT sector to a level to strengthen the country’s economy. All they need is the transparency in the funds’ allocation and focus on the youth talent.