aimed at safeguarding the people of the city has figured out that existing number plates on the vehicles (all types) will not work with the high definition cameras that are meant to read them. The cameras under this project cannot read the number plates on any car and motorcycle, on account of carrying smaller letters, and thus, the government is considering changing their size and color as per the reading ability of cameras.

According to a Safe City official, the government designed and installed the scannable number plates some 10 years back; however, it is installing the cameras today. Therefore, the previously designed plates are not in compliance with the protocols of cameras that authority is deploying presently.

In a recent meeting between the officials of Excise and Safe City, the change of number plate designs turned out to be the only solution.

Excise Department reportedly has been asked to replace the number plates of 4.6 million cars and motorcycles with larger plates in a different color.

The government of Punjab is in the middle of installing some 8,500 high definition cameras meant to monitor and scan each and everything within the city closely.

The scanning of vehicle number plate is a part of smart traffic system for the city through which Safe City Authority will scan the vehicles through these cameras and dispatch the violation challan slip at the address of violator.

In a test case a few months back, the Department sent warning slips to 1000 such drivers with a picture of violation imprinted on it. Some 600 reached the actual addresses. However, rest of them went unnoticed due to the incomplete record of vehicle owners at Excise and Taxation Department.

Traffic police authorities have recently revealed the statistics which suggest that motorcycle riders are topping the list of violators in the city.

In the said e-challans system, a photograph of the incident and/or the picture of the number-plate will also be attached to the challan. But the new revelation puts the complete project at risk, as to how can they offer electronic challans when they can’t even figure out the number plate of a vehicle.

The Department of vehicle registration hasn’t yet issued the computerized number plates to vehicle owners of 2015.