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Nokia is back with its smartphones, and they are bringing better devices with each subsequent release. If all goes well, we are pretty hopeful to see some fantastic flagships from them by the end of 2017. Nokia 6 camera is what we are talking about at the moment.

Despite the decent MPs the camera interface is minimal in Nokia 6 which is very much contrary to what we see in the feature stuffed camera apps of rivals. Maybe it is more like an Applish approach of keeping things simple, but I believe HMD should understand that people in this price category aren’t in agreement with the lines apple toe.

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The 5.5 inches Full HD IPS display is a convincing aspect that when combined with 16MP rear and 8MP front camera inevitably tend to grab the attention in this price range. The combination is not rare to be found with 2.0 aperture size, but leading brands aren’t used to excite their smaller users.

Everything has been kept very simple inside Nokia 6 camera which is very much in line with the Nokia 3 and 5. There are lesser controls on the interface that may be annoying for people who are landing here from other camera interfaces; especially of Huawei Y7 Prime that offers a plethora of customization and even the QMobile Noir A1 which gives complete control over your photos with its Pro Mode. Albeit charming are their stories, but believe me, it has nothing to do with the quality of photos that you can take. We have experienced a similar surprise from Samsung J5 Pro 2017 edition.

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For quick photos, the camera can be activated either by pressing power key twice in the sleep mode or swipe the camera icon upward from the bottom right corner when the phone is in lock mode but awake.

Nokia 6 camera doesn’t disappoint in well-lit and low light areas. The day photos are good in colors and contrast, however, pictures at night struggle with noise. Check out the following picture for a better understanding.

Nokia 6 camera Result

Other than jumping between 3 common modes Photos, Panorama and Beautify, that can be selected from a soft key located just above the shutter button, Nokia 6 offers some limited manual settings for tweaking your photos by modifying Focus Area, White Balance and E-value.


HDR or no HDR, there is less than desired difference in photos. Either take advantage of HDR and keep your hands stable in between or use the manual controls to modify scenes your own way.

Nokia 6 HDR On Boost Light On
HDR On + Boost Light On

Auto, Infinity, and Macro

All three modes are very handy, and we needed a little practice to access them by going all the way inside the camera setting menu which was not less than a hassle. Of course, we would expect an easier handling of these modes in the next software upgrades.

Photos under good light conditions capture most of the details and incorporate the actual colors. There seemed to be a little problem with the internal algorithm for auto scene detection while you jump between modes. Several times we noticed that for taking Macro shots, a toggling between ‘modes’ was required for setting the right focus.

Nokia 6 Macro Mode-1

Can E-Value help at night?

Alas, there is no dedicated night mode and shutter speed control which shouldn’t put a smile on our face. There is E-Value to play around with and ‘Boost Light’ option that only works with Auto mode.

E-value at zero value does an OK job in darks but raising it high for brighter scenes will tend to bring noise to your photos which shouldn’t be appreciated.

Nokia 6 HDR Mode on Night


Videos are fun to make with both Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 camera, but unlike the former where focus does not remain steady in slow motion videos, this phone performs way better with 1080p resolution.

You can shoot up to 3x slow and fast soundless videos and tweak them with the manual controls that are available here as well. HMD should have figured out a way to shoot them at 1080p; unfortunately, they can be recorded only in 720p and 480p resolution.

The front camera does the job well too and shares almost similar features like the rear one. However, slow/fast motion videos are compressed in an unwanted way generating some lossy videos.

Here is the complete photo gallery of images taken from our very own Nokia 6 (click to enlarge):

Nokia 6 Camera Review






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