The federal government has once again imposed the ban on non-filers to purchase vehicles and property in the country.

The recent development came from Pakistan’s Finance Minister Asad Umer who asserted that non-filers will be dealt with strict measures while the only way to survive for them is to file their assets and source of income with FBR.

“Non-filers have enough time to file their tax returns which will make them eligible to purchase new vehicles and property in Pakistan,” said Asad Umar.

Asad Umar clarified that the overseas Pakistanis and those who obtain property through inheritance will be exempted from filing the tax returns.

Although overseas Pakistanis are permitted to purchase vehicle and property without being a filer, they have to ensure the amount reach Pakistan within the 60 days of the purchase date. The government has also allowed the purchase of motorcycles under 200 cc sensing that they are bought by lower-middle-class people.

The former government of PMLN had imposed this ban in order to discourage citizens from remaining outside of the tax net. When PTI came into power, they reversed this decision citing that overseas Pakistanis are in trouble due to it and they demand to lift the ban.

After the prohibition was lifted, PTI came under severe criticism from the civil society and the opposition parties who were of the view that the government is encouraging and supporting those who are deliberately outside of the tax net for various reasons.

Earlier, The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association(PAMA) has asked the government to stick with their decision as the ban on non-filers would result in Rs. 50 billion loss to the national exchequer.