In a letter to Finance Minister Asad Umar, Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has warned the government of almost Rs. 50 billion revenue loss in case of the ban on the non-filers from buying new automobiles in the country, reported Express News.

The PML(N) government had imposed a restriction that only those who have their names in active taxpayers’ list (ATL) of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) would be able to buy a new vehicle but PTI government recently reversed the decision, allowing the non-filers to purchase new vehicles and real-estate.

There are speculations that PTI might revert its decision and once again enforce a ban on the non-filers as the government is facing criticism from opposition parties and civil society.

“I don’t have any personal interest in granting this waiver and I am ready to reconsider the policy in the greater interest of the country,” said Asad Umar in an interview to The News.

PAMA has approached the office of finance minister with the motive to suggest the government to stick with the decision they have made because a significant decline was seen in the registration of new vehicles in the result of a ban on the non-filers.

Although the decision will bring revenue to the government and automobile industry, it might as well promote citizens to remain outside of the tax net.

It is also reported that PAMA has offered to share the data of the non-filers with the FBR in a more systematic way which will enable FBR to have a timely information about the buyers.