There is good news for the vehicle buyers who used to find the whole process tedious. Punjab Government has now made the vehicle registration process accessible to the citizens.

Individuals will now be able to register their vehicles and get the license plates instantly at the point of sale

How Will It Work?

The dealers will be able to deposit money to NBP electronically via a website portal, register vehicles on behalf of E&T department and issue license plates to customers at the dealership.

The system is launched by the Special Monitoring Unit (SMU), Law and Order, Chief Minister’s Office with the collaboration of Excise and Taxation (E&T).

Senior Member SMU Salman Sufi told that this DVRS initiative is a part of SMU’s “Transport Sahulat Program” which is aimed at providing citizens with facilitation.

He elaborated on the benefits of the project that as the registration of vehicles and license plates will be done at the point of sale, the taxpayers will no longer have to go through a slow and time-consuming process or be exploited by unregistered and unregulated agents. Furthermore, this system will ensure implementation of motor vehicle ordinance, he added.

Salman said that section 23 of MVO stated that no vehicle can enter the road without being registered first. However, owners do not come for registration on the same day as the vehicle is bought. These unregistered vehicles are problematic as they can be tracked and can be used for crime, he added.

He said that dealers are currently in the course of obtaining licensees for DVRS after which they will get training on the DVRS software. After the training, Dealer Vehicle Registration System will officially be launched in Lahore, he added. Salman Sufi said that this state-of-the-art system would revolutionize the vehicle registration process.

E&T department joined hands with National Bank of Pakistan and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and signed the DVRS agreement.