Once known as selfie expert and now venturing into new arenas, OPPO has launched a new addition in its A series smartphones, OPPO A7. The phone is the successor to this year’s mid-range device, A5.

OPPO A7 is now available in Pakistan at a price of Rs. 39,999. We got our hands on this beautiful machine days before its launch which made us able to test the device to its full potential.

We have not only focused on the significant upgrades of OPPO A7 from its predecessor but also have managed to record the device performance and usability in the real-life scenarios.


OPPO has always tried to innovate the design to a level that their phones stand out in the industry with unique design language. Although OPPO A7 is made up of plastic, from nowhere the device looks cheap or oldfashioned. It can easily compete against the glass backs of most of the flagships and ensures that users get a trendy as well as a handy phone.

The front panel is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which enhances the device protection against scratches.

The left side of the phone carries the Volume buttons and SIM tray. We were delighted to see that the OPPO A7 has got a triple slot in its SIM tray which will enable the users to increase the storage of the device by opting microSD card without compromising on dual SIM option.


If you are used to LCD panels, this display is almost perfect from every angle. The display is crisp, vivid and provides true colors while consuming media content.

The device packs a 6.2 inch IPS display with a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels and a 19:9 aspect ratio while the company has superbly achieved 81.6% screen to body ratio thanks to the waterdrop notch. OPPO is continuously making smartphones with minimalistic notches compared to other Chinese manufacturers like what we have seen in Huawei Nova 3i or Honor Play.

The viewing angles of the OPPO A7 is remarkably perfect as they are wide enough and don’t lose the crispiness while you move the phone. The brightness of the device is again surprisingly great as we didn’t encounter any problem while viewing the display in direct sunlight.

The corners of the display are fused efficiently into the design of the phone which suits the bezel-less design. The chin poses a mild inconvenience, however, its the scenario with all mid-range smartphones. We would like OPPO to work on that area to supersede all other manufacturers.


OPPO A7 carries ColorOS 5.2 with Android Oreo 8.1.0. Like all other major manufacturers, the Chinese brand, OPPO has its own unique custom skin which is overlayed on the stock android.

Similar to Huawei’s EMUI, OPPO’s ColorOs boosts many useful features with a compromise of having some bloatware. The software is user-friendly in terms of customizing themes and utilizing the smart assistant at the end of a home screen.

ColorOs comes with a game mode that deserves an applaud as the feature is designed to help the gamers with uninterrupted gaming experience by managing the notifications effectively.

Another significant feature is Full-Screen Multitasking that makes you use the different apps in a landscape mode as a floating window over each other. In simple words, it offers you to chat on WhatsApp while watching your favorite video simultaneously.

Another thing we felt we should point out is the handling of notification in the ColorOs. One has to swipe and then press bin icon to eliminate a notification which might be inconvenient for some users. However, it’s about personal preferences.


OPPO A7 comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage which is up to the mark and will fulfill the purpose the device is made for. The phone carries a Snapdragon 450 which is famous for its power efficiency and other capabilities in mid-range phones. The benchmarks of the phones are competitive and second our opinion.

AnTuTu and Geekbench scores

In our real-life tests, OPPO A7 was outstanding in moderate usage as it never showed any lags or slow responses.

Speaking of heavy usage, as the phone carries an entry-level chipset, it can show insignificant lags in resource-heavy gaming. Other than that, the phone is pretty okay to handle the multitasking and showed no stutter while switching between the apps.

The phone consumes 10% of battery in one hour while we were testing the phone for moderate usage which consists of browsing the internet, playing a couple of 1080p videos and other similar everyday tasks.

However, when we tested the limits of the phone by using the phone heavily for an hour, playing extensive gaming and multitasking, OPPO A7 drained 20% of its battery. Again if not one of the best, the battery performance is adequate in this price segment.


OPPO A7 Back Camera

For mobile photography, OPPO A7 provides a dual camera setup on its back which comprises of a main 13MP shooter with a 2MP depth sensor. The company didn’t forget to provide some amazing features in the camera app which uplifts the camera game further.

OPPO A7 camera interface
Camera Interface

The pictures clicked with auto mode are not bad if not perfect. Keeping in mind the price of the device and the available options in the market, the camera performs quite upstanding.

With Auto Mode on OPPO A7
Auto Mode
With HDR Mode on OPPO A7
HDR Mode
Building Picture with Auto Mode on OPPO A7
Auto Mode
Building Picture with HDR Mode on OPPO A7
HDR Mode

OPPO needs to improve the HDR results of its phones as sometimes A7 pops out the colors artificially, however, we noticed few such instances.

Picture with Auto Mode on OPPO A7
Indoor Auto Mode
Picture with HDR Mode on OPPO A7
Indoor HDR Mode

In Indoor-conditions, HDR display some vibrant and true colors with substantial dynamic range, thanks to the software optimization of the camera app.

Portrait Mode on OPPO A7
Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is also a mode that will make you fall in love with the device as it creates some DSLR alike clicks.

Picture of Park with Auto Mode on OPPO A7
Auto Mode
Picture of Park with HDR Mode on OPPO A7
HDR Mode
Picture of Statue with Auto Mode at Night on OPPO A7
Night Auto Mode
Picture of Statue with HDR Mode at Night on OPPO A7
Night HDR Mode
Picture at Night with auto mode on OPPO A7
Night Auto Mode
Picture at Night with HDR mode on OPPO A7
Night HDR Mode


OPPO A7 is a nice but subtle upgrade over its predecessor. The device has a great design and display and if you can compromise on extensive gaming, the device might be the perfect choice for you.