Naimul Abd is a Pakistani entrepreneur in Sweden for whom the sky is the limit. He has started 10 companies in just four years. He moved to Sweden with his family in 2014 because of a few personal problems in Pakistan.

Naimul, who holds masters in marketing and entrepreneurship, attributes much of his success to local interactions. He says that he used to meet people and talk about everything, this not only gave him confident, polished his language skills but also created a network of friends which helped him in the business.

Most importantly, no entrepreneur is an island. According to Naimul, the best thing to do is get out and meet people and start building connections.

Comparing it with Pakistan, Naimul said, “Sweden is an entrepreneurship hub. The government has made it very easy to start a company, compared to the process in Pakistan. It’s much, much easier to start in Sweden if you’re willing to read up and prepare yourself once you’ve decided to start”.

He strongly advocates the idea of presenting startups to the investors through channels and opportunities in the world, he himself took three of his startups to Sweden demo day, like a Pakistani startup Marham is going to pitch in Google Asia demo day.

You can end up finding investors, other entrepreneurs, and advisors, and resources or co-founders who can help you drive your idea forward at the events like the Superior University expo held a few days back.

Naimul’s first company, Globalities AB was launched in 2015 and the founders soon noticed it had become a breeding ground for interesting projects and ideas.

“My partner in Globalities was an established entrepreneur and he advised it would be best to start a limited company because it’s most suitable if you want a scalable business that creates brands and consulting organizations and does interesting digital products,” he said.

Today, Globalities AB functions as a holding company which currently holds stakes in six limited liability companies and three cooperatives, directly or through portfolio companies.

Some of the ventures that Naimul is currently involved in include:

  • Social impact projects such as an innovative platform for brands
  • A mobile app for university students
  • A music tech integration tool for youth
  • A social networking platform for as Naimul puts it, “connecting geeks”.
  • A growth lab: a network of entrepreneurs, professionals and consulting organizations to help large organizations.
  • Innovation eco-systems for cities municipalities and authorities.

Naimul has a strong message for the newcomers, “People think what I am doing is impossible. The real fun is in doing the impossible. Possible is so boring!”