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In continuation of the particular focus of the GOP to keep the telecom industry on the growth trajectory seen after the three successful transparent commercial auctions of frequency spectrum for the Ministry of IT and Telecom has recently moved a Policy Directive for consideration of the Federal cabinet to enable market test of New and upcoming technologies including the Fifth Generation (5G) mobile communications.

Minister Anusha Rahman has at various events firmly promised to make Pakistan one of the first countries to test, trial and launch the Fifth Generation (5G) Mobile technology.

5G is the next big evolution which will enable new groundbreaking data rates and revolutionize the customer experience for services/applications compared to what is available today. 5G is currently in the research and development phase worldwide and it is expected to be standardized by ITU-R (International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication Sector) in 2019.

In line with its 2015 Telecom Policy and its commitment to providing state of the art services to the people of Pakistan, MoITT has embarked upon a new journey with this directive to PTA.

As per the draft proposal in the directive, PTA / FAB (Frequency Allocation Board) will identify/set aside appropriate bandwidth in the frequency spectrum blocks currently under consideration for 5G.

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Testing entities will be allowed access to such frequency blocks for testing purposes only. PTA will roll out such test trial facility for the new technologies through a  regulatory framework to be issued in line with the Section 8.14 of the Telecom Policy 2015 for Temporary Test and Development Licenses/Authorizations within three months.

The regulatory framework shall include criteria for the provision of the test licenses, conditions, duration and other terms and conditions of reissuing the test licenses on expiry. To continue the spirit of inclusiveness of all stakeholders in new and innovative ventures PTA will engage all the concerned organizations such as telecommunications operators, equipment manufacturers and research & development institutes for a successful execution of 5G trials.

The working to be set up for execution of this policy will also recommend further suitable frequency bands if required in view of future technology/standards development as well as other technical and logistical requirements for the trials. To keep the transparency of the process and to apprise the public about developments ensuing from such technology test and trials will be regularly published in the annual report of the Authority.

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While releasing the policy directive for consideration of the Cabinet Minister of State for Information Technology  Ms. Anusha Rahman said that the Ministry has stayed committed to accelerated digitization through the proliferation of broadband and particularly Mobile broadband.

Keeping the focus we shall ensure that the Pakistani nation stays at the cutting edge of technology and the Policy Directive is meant to ensure and showcase the continued commitment. 5G is expected to a big catalyst in taking Pakistani ICT market and usage to a whole new level for the benefit of economy and masses, she added.

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