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Crimes are increasing in Punjab. One of the biggest current issues is the child abduction. Many rumors are surfacing over the Internet and media regarding this one-of-its-kind crime. According to the reports, children aged between three – twelve are mysteriously disappearing from their houses. Most of the times, the missing child recovery is not very easy for the police and other law-enforcement agencies.

Some people are saying there is a gang behind this offense. It is abducting the children and selling their internal organs to the other countries. There is not any official confirmation about this rumor.

Some are saying the criminals are kidnapping the children for the ransom. In some cases, the child returns to the house and tells the parents he left the house on his own.

What is Missing Child Recovery?

For helping the parents in finding their children, the Punjab government has created an online platform. The name of this website is Missing Child Recovery.  It contains the information of those children who the Punjab police have rescued. The database will help the relatives in finding their missing children. It will assist in controlling the growing number of missing kids.

If a child disappears, and law enforcement agencies receive a complaint, the companies will launch an abduction alert and send the notification to the government officials, media about the disappearance of the child.

According to Dawn News, the authorities will get the location information of the child where the public saw him/her at the last time. They will broadcast this information along with the child’s picture, name, some other details to the various platforms.

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These platforms will include mosques, electronic, print, social media, Google child alert, TV screens in public transport, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, railways stations.

To claim a child, a person has to come to the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Punjab with the following documents:

  1. Original Identity Card.
  2. Birth Certificate of the child, verified from the concerned Union Council (UC).
  3. A second person who takes the legal responsibility that you are the real parent/guardian of the child.

The agencies will publish all the details of the abducted child on the Missing Child Recovery website. Anyone with Internet access can visit this online database. You can call the helpline 1121 for further assistance.

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