Although Google Earth is the largest search engine for places, it does not show the images of all the Pakistani places and does not support the street view option here. But soon, you will be able to search and see all the local places since a local search engine is on its way and be launched soon.

The national space agency, SUPARCO (Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) has announced a local virtual mapping service. This service will enable the people of Pakistan to search the geological information and places. The search engine has been named as Akas-e-Pakistan.

Akas-e-Pakistan will be controlled through a Remote Sensing Satellite, which will be launched by SUPARCO in a few days. It’ll enable users to see high-quality satellite images free of cost.

Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) Pakistan and the Government of Punjab will collaborate in the use of space technology applications to accelerate the economic growth process along with an exploration of minerals and preparation of forests inventory in the province.

SUPARCO is using PAKSAT-ONE IRA through SPOT Space Station of France which costs millions of dollars per annum.

Additional Chief Secretary Punjab, Shamail Ahmad Khawaja emphasized the need of preparing forests inventory in Punjab on urgent basis besides establishing GIS Laboratories in the provincial departments for Crops Reporting System soil crop condition assessment, mapping of cropland characteristics, forest mapping, flood mapping, resource mapping, crime mapping, infrastructure development and health management, identification of contaminant levels in the industrial areas, identification of encroachment in beds of the rivers and exploration of mines and minerals etc.

Shamail Ahmad Khawaja assured the delegation of SUPARCO that the Government of Punjab, with the collaboration of SUPARCO and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), will arrange training sessions for the relevant provincial officers of those departments which can benefit from the space technology. The provincial departments will compile their database in machine-readable corp.

Earlier, a private company has also launched the country’s first navigation app called TPL Maps.