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Latest reveals about Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 shows much modified and speculated features. It seems that the company is trying to cope with the lagging in their recent released gadgets previewing them in a new structure.

However, the leaked images of the product show that the smartphone will have many must-have features their users waited for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaked images

Poyoco Tech is the unidentified source who exhibited the latest tidbits on Twitter. No one can be sure about the credibility of the leaks but they gained traffic and made a trend on Twitter.


Let’s check out the latest reveals about Note 8:

Infinity Display

It is important and much boasted reveal. The user says that the display is similar to the Galaxy S7’ but it is much modernized. Another leak discloses that the infinity display in Note 8 will have a smaller corner radius adding more pixels for quality content.

Dual Lens Camera

It is an old feature but everyone used to wonder that why Samsung lured too long to add this feature? Well now, it is in the list of released leaks about to rule the boards with two cameras. The dual camera will be crafted on the rear side of the phone following the layout of Galaxy Note 3’s camera.

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Fingerprint Sensor

The pictures displayed by the user do not have odd placement of fingerprint scanner on both vertical and horizontal sides of the phone exhibits that it must be on screen.

Aligned ports

According to the Poyoco Tech tweets, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a dope phone, attempting to perfect the design with the addition of well-aligned ports on the bottom of the phone to make connectivity much convenient.

Stereo Speakers supporting AKG sound

Galaxy Note 8 will have tools for your entertainment and they have named them Amplified Stereo Speakers roaring AKG sound.

Bixby button

Note 8 bixby textured button

Bixby is an assistant application of Samsung which will now have its own textured button through which you can directly access the Bixby and talk to it. Does Siri of Apple now have a competition? Future will give answers.

S Pen

S pen will be like the Note 7’s stylus. The new thing about it is the built-in vibrator which will help you locate it using Find My Mobile app in Galaxy devices.

Is upcoming Note 8 a fierce competition for Apple and Nokia?

Everyone knows about the speculated Nokia 9 that has to be released yet and the Apple’s modern features about its iOS 11 that are released lately. And now Note 8 has jumped into the arena no matter the leaks are unofficial but they carry a bulk of importance.

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Reportedly, the South Korean mobile company is set to release Galaxy Note 8 in August, ahead of iPhone 8 launch So, let’s grab some popcorns and see who wins the year 2017.

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