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Recently, we have witnessed Samsung declaring its strong position in the Pakistani market with the glamor-filled launch event of Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Pakistan. The new flagship smartphone offers many incredible features from increased security options to the awe-inspiring bezel-less screen but one of the highlights of the company’s new smartphone is its camera.

At the launch event, we got an opportunity to test out and see the cool tricks which make the camera of Galaxy S8 unique. Apart from tapping the camera application, a user can also launch the camera by double pressing the power key.

In comparison with Galaxy S7, Samsung has increased the pixel size in the new Galaxy S8 from 1.2 to 1.4. This upgrade ensures that the pictures taken from the camera don’t pixelate. Understanding our love for various filters, the company has built-in Snapchat like filters to make our selfies more interesting.

Understanding our love for various filters, the company has built-in Snapchat like filters to make our selfies more interesting. It also has 16 basic filters, where 8 features are dedicated to enhancing the beauty.

Galaxy S8 has an 8-megapixel front camera and a 12-megapixel rear camera. One of the most interesting features of this flagship smartphone is that one doesn’t have to worry about their hands shaking while taking a photograph as it takes three separate photos and merges them to give a clear and sharp picture.

To view different modes in the camera, a user needs to swipe left. if you are a photography genius who cannot be satisfied with the standard mode, you can experiment with the various manual settings in a Pro mode. If you decrease the shutter speed, the camera will hold the picture for 10 seconds and will give a clear image even at night.

Galaxy S8 camera result of pro mode

Galaxy S8 pro mode image

Galaxy S8 pro mode image result

If you want to capture an object that is very far away, the camera will take five pictures at the back end and would stitch them together for a better photographic experience. The rear camera offers a 4K video whereas the front camera can record a 2K video, thus a user doesn’t need to fret over carrying a DSLR or any other camera for capturing a memorable moment.

Galaxy S8’s camera is user-friendly as one only has to swipe to change the rear camera to front one and vice versa. It also features a selective focus option, where the user can choose to blur out anything in the picture except the selected area. The slow motion feature makes a video at 96 frames per second and in the food mode, the camera sharpens the main object and blur out the rest of the background.

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