Hadn’t had enough of the car-hailing service, now people can also enjoy bike-hailing service in Karachi through Bykea. It is an on demand ride-hailing and parcel delivery service that exclusively focus on the use of motorbikes.

Bykea is an Uber and Careem-ish service, where the users can order a bike pick up for themselves or their parcel through a mobile application. The startup only provides services in Karachi at the moment, where they are targeting the commuters who would prefer to ride on a motorcycle. Not just for the avid mobile users, people can also book their ride by calling 03 111 111 700.

Bykea apart from being a fast solution in the city where traffic jams are a normal thing is also cost effective as their base fair is only PKR 30 where they charge PKR 4 per KM and PKR 1 per minute.

How To use Bykea

Bykea Mobile Application
Bykea Mobile Application

Their application is pretty easy to use. First, sign up on their mobile app then chose whether to use the service for parcel delivery or for a ride. After making your choice tap the “Chalo” (Let’s go) button that will connect you to a nearby rider, who will pick you up from your desired location.

In a country where the most traffic laws are broken by the motorbike riders, this new startup can face a lot of new challenges. Some of which include making sure:

  • The driver doesn’t drive rash in traffic
  • Hold a motorbike license
  • The motorbike is in fit condition and has rear view mirrors
  • The driver knows about the traffic laws and regulation
  • The driver is professional

One last thing, after the revelation that Uber and Careem are illegal, maybe they should also think about how they’ll be paying taxes too (just so we can avoid a new twitter trend).