After Punjab has declared Uber and Careem illegal, Sindh is also seeking legal action against Careem and Uber Taxi services in the province.

Nasir Shah, Minister of Transport Sindh in a press conference revealed that they are not banning the two services in the province right now as they don’t want to distress the people of Sindh.

“We have sent a notice to the private taxi service company. We have not banned the private taxi service company like Punjab government.”

He said that with the introduction of local transport services in the coming two months, the government would crack down against taxi services that are not complying with the laws and regulations.

Mr. Shah stated that he’s aware of the pathetic conditions of the transport services in Sindh and thus didn’t immediately ban Uber and Careem so people can travel without a problem.

He said that if the government wanted to ban the private taxi service company, then the government would have done so by now.

“It is a good service and we want it to operate. However, the company must fulfill all legal requirements,” he added.

Nasir Shah disclosed that notices had been sent to the private taxi service company two months earlier as well. He also admitted that the laws in the country are old and needs to amended and updated with the advent of the new age.

Taha Farooqui, Provincial Secretary Transport wrote a letter to the PTA to block Careem and Uber mobile applications. He said:

“We wrote five letters to the Careem administration. However, despite giving them a warning, we received no response in return.”

He further stated that in order to run a private taxi, the vehicle must be made commercial. He stated that owners of the vehicles must obtain fitness certificate.

The two cab companies are operating private cars in Pakistan without registering with any regulatory body and the cars also haven’t obtained fitness certificates/ route permits.

Sindh Police has also started crackdown against the taxi services as they are not observing the motor vehicle ordinance. DIG traffic Karachi says that he’s acting on the orders issued by the government and has confiscated 4 vehicles so far.

The CEO of Limofied previously showed dismay at Uber and Careem saying that the two cab companies are offering cheap rides because they don’t pay taxes.

Earlier today, Punjab government banned the mobile application based taxi services Careem, Uber, and A-One, after declaring them illegal. It stated that the use of private cars as a commercial vehicle is a violation of Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 and policy of Rent-A-Car Service of Punjab PTA.