The authorities at Tranzum Companies & Services (TCS) have returned more than two lac vehicle registration plates to the Excise department after placing various objections on them.

The objections include some wrong or incomplete addresses that are mentioned on the parcels containing the number plates.

The vehicle registration plates that were scheduled to be delivered from November 2014 are also part of returned stuff.

Consequently, the store in the Excise department at the Farid Court Road Lahore is running short of storage.

The reason is that a massive number of registration plates were received, City42 reported. Now, the number plates are being placed in washrooms, basins, and different other rooms.

They include 1.5 lac plates of the motorcycles while 30 thousand new series and 25 thousand old series number plates.

Excise Department and Citizens Response:

ETO Excise motor branch Adeel Amjad said that all the number plates would be sent back to the TCS office for the purpose of delivery.

On the other hand, the citizens are complaining that the fee of number plates are taken at the time of the registration and they are told that the plates will be sent to them via courier service.

But they do not get their registration plates even after months.

The war between the TCS and the Excise aside, the senior authorities need to take action to get the citizens out of this issue.