With the rapidly increasing cyber threat across the world, we have many times questioned whether our central database of all Pakistani voters and citizens is safe from spying eyes, well now its more complicated than that.

The NADRA database needs to be protected but who will safeguard it when our general politicians willfully opened its gates for the foreign governments.

In another shocking reveal, WikiLeaks has revealed that the US and UK created a front company to steal Pakistani voter’s data.

Julian Assange claims, “front company was set up in the United Kingdom – International Identity Services, which was hired as the consultants for NADRA to squirrel out the NADRA data for all of Pakistan.”

He followed up with, “It seems to me that that is a theft of some national treasure of Pakistan, the entire Pakistani database registry of its people.”

This is not the first time WikiLeaks has shed light on major spying activities of foreign countries in Pakistan. Previously, it claimed that claimed that US National Security Agency has been spying on Pakistani Mobile networks where a chunk of data confirms the NSA was successfully able to peek into Mobilink’s GSM network, now Jazz.