The concept of having someone as your assistant is gradually fading away, thanks to the inception of virtual assistants in your smart devices from mobile phones to televisions. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are making our lives easier with Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant respectively.

Though all softwares have their unique selling point and compete well in some way or other in the league, Google Assistant is perhaps the most preferable. One of the reason is its flawless integration with Android, the most used mobile phone platform. Today we bring a compilation of tricks and functions with which you can get the most out of the Google assistant.

Say, “Ok Google”, or press the home button to summon the assistant on your smartphones while the smart televisions have a dedicated button on the remote controls.

Start the day with a summary

Google Assistant can give you the information you need before stepping foot outside. It can tell you about the weather outside as well as your calendar events.

  • Say Good morning, and Assistant will be there with the updates you need.

Ask it to Call You by Nickname

Google Assistant uses the name of your Google account to refer to you. However, there is a command to ask the assistant to call you with any other name you want. Yes, it’s also worth Maula Jutt.

change name
  • Say call me ABC; replacing ABC by any other name you want to use.

Find Answers

What we use Google for? Obviously most of the times, it comes handy in searching for answers to our queries. Google assistant is integrated with Google search and can give you answers to your daily questions such as checking time, date, doing mathematical calculations and conversions, defining words or asking trivia questions such as Place of birth of Imran Khan? “,” How old is Shahid Afridi?”

shahid afridi google assistant

Sing a Song for You

If you want to enjoy the melodic voice of your assistant, you can ask him/her (Google assistant likes to be treated as a human) to sing random songs, and even to sing your happy birthday.

sing a song

Play Specific Series on Netflix

One of the strongest traits of Google assistant is, it can interact with your installed apps. You can always ask it to open specific content on Netflix or any other app.

Play Your Favorite music

play music assistant

Google Assistant also allows you to play your favorite music. On the one hand, you can play it from your Google Play Music catalog, although in case you do not use it you can also play it directly from other applications such as Spotify.

Navigations, Traffic situation and Location

The Google assistant also supports Google Maps perfectly to offer you services related to the map system. For example, you can ask it to tell you the route to go somewhere or to tell you what traffic there is and how long it will take.


If you are not in mood of going anywhere but wants your location, Ask assistant, it will show your current location on the map.

Ask about the time, and weather

Google Assistant can tell you the exact time at your location and even inform you about time at your hometown or any other city, if you are on roaming.


You can also ask for weather, the assistant will give you a briefing about weather and advise to bring in or leave umbrella.

Set Reminders

The Google assistant also has a command to take you to a quick form to set reminders for yourself.


Remind me in five minutes to turn off the oven, and with that command will open a pre-configured tab to add a reminder.

Ask it to Call for You

If you tell Assistant to call a certain person, the assistant will search for that name in your phone book and automatically dial the call.

call assistant

Translations and Conversions in Real time

Google assistant can help you translate phrases or words to other languages in real time. It can also convert different currencies. Just ask him, How many rupees are there in $100 or How many seconds are there in 20 hours.

translation assistant

Tossing a Coin

If you are just going to play cricket or want to decide who goes first in some challenging situation, and want to play a coin toss for that, you can have Google Assistant toss the coin for you in a completely random way.

toss a coin

Say Toss a coin for me, and Assistant will tell you out loud if it has come up heads or tails. Results will be totally random.

Create Shopping List

Like me, if you also forget about any important grocery item while you are at a shopping mall or grocery store. Take the help of Google Assistant. You can create your shopping list, always add or delete items in it.

add toothpaste

The great thing is, if your location is turned on and you step-in any store, Google Assistant starts reminding as soon as it realizes its a store with the help of maps.

Check your latest Emails

Google Assistant can read out your latest emails or any specific email. Just tell him to open Gmail and read the latest email or be specific and tell him to read some specific one.

Give Assistant Control of your Mobile

wifi on google assistant

It’s not that Google assistant can just open and control your certain apps on the mobile or any other gadget with the assistant. You can set an alarm with it, control timer, the volume or wifi connection. The assistant can even record a video or take a snap for you by opening any desired app.

Listen to the Latest News Headlines

news assistant

Sometimes you are not in the mood to browse the news or check your RSS feed. Google assistant can be a great help at that times. Just ask it to “PLAY THE NEWS”, the assistant will read out loud the news from your preferred news sources. You can always add or remove your news sources by opening

Options against Boredom

If you are getting bored and don’t know what to do, it can be a real help. Google Assistant has a good collection of alternatives.

bore google assistant

If you say Play, Assistant will put several games that you can play with the assistant. Assistant can tell you a joke, recite a poem, tell you a surprising fun fact, ask a riddle. And if you simply say I’m bored, Assistant will randomly tell you any of these actions, or remind you of what you have available.

Ask anything Stupid

funny google assistant

Yes, The Google Assistant is continuously utilizing technological means to be more efficient and answer your stupidest of questions. Try it!

Can I Control the Assistant in Urdu?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no support for the Urdu language. To properly control your assistant you must tell commands in the English language, however, sensing the growth in AI and Google policies, we are pretty sure that the support for languages like Urdu is just around the corner.