Vivo is famous for providing game-changing and innovative features in its smartphones. There is no doubt that the company is rapidly growing in Pakistan and other countries by setting the trends and making others to follow them. Vivo V11 Pro is the latest example of a great machine at an affordable price.

The device is priced at Rs. 53,999 in Pakistan while it packs some amazing features like an in-display fingerprint sensor and a notch which has an ability to entice the notch haters.

Here is our in-depth review of the device which calculates the performance of the device in a real-life scenario.


Vivo V11 Pro is definitely a looker. Although it has many similarities with the predecessor, Vivo V9, the device successfully maintains its own peculiarness and modern styling.

The significant changes in design language include a wide range of engaging and appealing colors and a minimalistic notch. The device comes with the colors gradient like Starry Night which is a treat to watch.

Vivo has done a commendable job replicating a glass-like premium finish with the polycarbonate material. The device is surely one of the attractive devices we reviewed lately.

The placement of volume rocker, SIM tray, ports, and even the rear camera module is situated exactly where it was in the descendant. The fingerprint sensor is absent this time as we mentioned before, it has the in-display sensor.

Headphone jack, micro-USB port, and speakers are present on the bottom while the left side of the phone contains the dual-SIM tray.

Power and Volume Buttons are featured at the right side of the Vivo V11 Pro.

The phone is a little taller than the Vivo V9 but otherwise features the same thickness and weight. Vivo V11 Pro is extremely easy to handle, thanks to its curved edges like Huawei Mate 10 of last year. The design of the phone helps in longer gaming sessions and texting without tiring the hands.

Although the phones like Honor 8X and Nokia 6.1 Plus features glass body, Vivo shows us how plastic can be treated to give smudges free build quality in Vivo V11 Pro.


Vivo V11 Pro is surely among the phones with a higher screen to body ratio as the phone boosts 85.2% screen to body ratio. It has got a 6.41-inches AMOLED panel with 19:5:9 aspect ratio.

The front display is called as Halo Fullview by the company as it has a water-drop like notch. Instead of a V-shaped notch like OPPO F9, this phone carries a U-Shaped notch which is very minimalistic and you get to used to it in no time. The display is quite crisper and displays black truly deep thanks to the premium AMOLED panel.

Speaking of the viewing angles, the phone impressed us as it provides wider angles and didn’t distort the display even if you view it from the extreme corners. In daylight, the display doesn’t lose its sharpness and everything remains readable. The device gives you a flagship display at a much lower price than the other manufacturers.


Vivo V11 Pro comes with Android 8.1.0 out of the box and carries a custom Funtouch OS 4.5 laid over the device main software.

The user interface of the skin is optimized well and has improved a lot in previous years. The device also comes with Vivo in-house AI assistant with the Google assistant. The Jovi assistant is in its initial stages and has the scope to compete against the rivals with more refined integrations.

Navigation Keys Settings

If you don’t like navigation buttons, Vivo V11 Pro provides you with an option to turn it off and toggle on the gestures which are quite similar to the iPhone iOS. Again the best thing with the Android devices is you can have different launchers if you don’t like the stock launcher came with the device.

Just like other Chinese brands, Vivo V11 Pro also has a game mode that makes sure that you customize the notifications in order to get the undisturbed gaming experience.

Game Mode

Funtouch OS has evolved much, we are in love with the options like App clone where one can activate a couple of media accounts simultaneously. Also, there is an app called smart click which gives you an option to dedicate the volume rocker to perform a certain action of your choice.

Our only complaint from the software is the bloatware it carries out of the box, however, this can be solved by eliminating and disabling useless apps from the settings.


Vivo V11 Pro is one of the fastest devices on paper. It comes with a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. For satisfying the gaming urges and for the graphical enhancements, the device packs an Adreno 512 GPU which again outperforms many in the league.

Here are the benchmark scores:

It has a sufficient amount of RAM to handle the multi-tasking and gaming while we were testing the phone in our moderate and heavy usage tests.

The phone never showed any lags or occasional hiccups in light to moderate usage while we were streaming 1080p videos, switched apps, and browsing the internet. Snapdragon 660 superbly tackles the performance and battery consumption of the device and we applaud the company for optimizing everything to deliver a smooth performance.

It was our heavy usage test which was quite surprising for us. We didn’t expect Vivo V11 to give a snappy performance which even put many flagships to shame. The phone was great at multi-tasking, switching apps. We played games like Real Racing and Deer Hunter which are resource heavy games but the Vivo V11 Pro accomplished the task superbly.

As far as the battery is concerned, the phone carries a  3400mAh pack with an 18W fast charger. It provides a charging time of 1 hour and 43 minutes from 0 to 100% which is quite an impressive figure. In our moderate usage test, we witnessed a fall of 13% of battery in an hour while the phone ate up 16% of the battery in our test.

Vivo V11 Pro Indisplay fingerprint scanner
In-display Fingerprint Sensor

The in-display fingerprint sensor is within the reach while its much improved than the Vivo Nex as its the company’s latest fourth-generation scanner. The sensor is within the comfortable reach and it doesn’t require you to use second hand or shift the phone’s position.


Nowadays, any smartphone is incomplete without an ample shooter. For camera lovers, Vivo has provided a dual rear camera setup with 12MP main sensor along a 5MP depth sensor. The company’s Jovi assistant also makes sure that the scene recognition works extraordinarily with the integration of AI.

Badshahi Mosque Picture with Auto Mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Auto Mode
Badshahi Mosque Picture with HDR Mode on Vivo V11 Pro
HDR Mode

Moreover, Vivo V11 Pro comes with the Google lens which enables the users to point the camera to an object and gets a similar search from Google search engine regarding the details of the said object.

After a quite long time, we have seen such camera results from a smartphone in this price segment. The results are sharp, crispier and provide a great dynamic range. The details in the pictures are fantastic and up to the mark.

Lahore Fort image with Auto Mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Auto Mode
Lahore Fort image with HDR Mode on Vivo V11 Pro
HDR Mode

We had some problems with the camera of Vivo V9 but this time the company has answered our all grievances. The camera of Vivo V11 Pro never overexposes a picture and portraits a nice range of colors while the HDR pops out bright colors in details. No doubt that it is one of the best smartphone cameras we have encountered lately.

Pakistan Flag Picture with auto mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Auto Mode
Pakistan Flag Picture with HDR mode on Vivo V11 Pro
HDR Mode
Shoe Picture with Bokeh Mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Bokeh Mode
Live Bokeh Mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Bokeh Mode

With the modes like Bokeh and Pro, Vivo V11 makes sure that it delivers in every aspect and gives clicks close to DSLRs’.

Rickshaw Picture with Auto mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Indoor Auto mode
Rickshaw Picture with HDR mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Indoor HDR mode
Picture with Panorama mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Panorama mode
Picture with auto mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Auto mode
Picture with HDR mode on Vivo V11 Pro
HDR mode
Picture at Night with auto mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Night Auto mode
Picture at Night with HDR mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Night HDR mode
Food Street Picture with auto mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Night Auto mode
Food Street Picture with HDR mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Night HDR mode
Image with Auto mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Indoor Auto mode
Image With HDR mode on Vivo V11 Pro
Indoor HDR Mode
Different Selfie Mode on Vivo V11 Pro


Vivo V11 Pro is a classy device. With the curvy and sturdy design and display, it competes well with the likes of many flagships in the industry. The camera of the phone is a great companion and provides accurate and perfect shots while the device boosts some great performance.

The Vivo V11 Pro could be the best selling smartphone of the company as it checks all the major sections. If you opt for this device there are very rare chances that you repent on your choice.