This year is going big with the news of different manufacturers venturing into Pakistan’s automobile industry. Now, after series of a forecast, Volkswagen has finally decided to start operations in the country.

Volkswagen signed a deal with Pakistan Premier Motors Ltd (PML) finalizing all the details regarding the production, assembling and aftersales of the vehicles. The licensing contract between both parties allows the PML to install a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) assembly line in Karachi.

Volkswagen team signing deal with PML

Although the plant will not produce Completely built units (CBU), It is definitely a big step forward in the introduction of quality and state of the art vehicles in Pakistan. Earlier in 2017, an intent letter was signed between both parties which showcased the possibility of German’s cars introduction in Pakistan.

We are yet to see the types of vehicles Volkswagen bring in the country besides the usual trucks and wagons. However, the introduction of the industry giant in Pakistan will certainly uplift the economy of the country.

The inception of German vehicles will not only provide the consumers with the variety but will also help bring down the prices of the already available vehicles because of the expected competition in the market.