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If you are new to the iPhone world then welcome to the Apple community and good luck with your new smartphone. Now when you have realized how the iPhone basically works, you might want to install the iOS apps which can give you the maximum benefit. Apple store has many amazing apps, some of which are not available for the users of Android. Below, we have mentioned a  few of the must-have apps for a new iPhone user:

Facebook Messenger

After purchasing a new smartphone, the first thing we usually do is to install the Facebook Messenger app to communicate with our friends and family members. On Apple’s App Store, this messaging app is available and you can download it for free. This app gives you an option to chat with your Facebook contacts. Moreover, you can also start a voice call with your friends.


Twitter is fun, especially when you want to interact with your favorite celebrities. Almost all the politicians, famous personalities, and artists use Twitter to talk to their fans. It is really good to install the Twitter app on your new iPhone. You can choose from a large number of users who are available on this micro-blogging website to follow. Also, you can increase your followers by posting some interesting tweets.


This free music creation app lets you create your own music in just a matter of minutes even if you don’t know anything about music. It is a very user-friendly app that teaches you how to make good music. It is one of the best iOS apps and it contains a database of melodies, which you can use to generate new audios.


If you are interested in sharing your photos with your friends, then Instagram would be the best app for you. You can follow other users and post your selfies on this app. There are a number of filters available, which you can use to enhance the beauty of your selfies. This app is available on the Apple App Store, and it is one of the best iOS apps for the beginners.


Who does not know WhatsApp? When we get a new smartphone, it is one of the first apps that we install. You can chat with your friends, send them funny video clips, and also talk to them by starting a voice or video call. WhatsApp allows you to send pictures, music files, and documents to anyone. This app is available for iOS users and you can download it for free.


Inbox allows you to check your emails. It is a very easy app, developed by Gmail and you can send emails to anyone using your Gmail address. You can also set reminders for your emails, search your inbox easily, and do a number of other things. The app is very important to be installed on a new iPhone.


Aside from communication, there are some iOS apps that let you book taxis. Uber is a must-have app for a new iPhone user. This app allows you to book rides using your smartphone. By using Uber, you will not have to go to the road to find a taxi as you will be able to easily book a taxi right from this app. Moreover, you can pay to the driver in a number of ways. Uber app is available for free on Apple’s App Store.


This app lets you organize your notes in a very nicely designed style. Additionally, it syncs your notes with all of your devices and you can access them from anywhere. It is one of the best writing apps available on the App Store. You can also share your ideas and notes with the other people, who are the part of the Evernote family.


Owned by Twitter, this powerful app allows you to broadcast live videos. You can meet new people, create groups to start live videos. You can also share your videos on Twitter. The app has an option to let your friends post comments on your live videos. If you are a new iPhone user, then you have to install this app, which is available on Apple’s App Store.


Tired of forgetting your passwords? Install this amazing app on your new iPhone and let it manage all of your passwords. You can also generate strong passwords by using the built-in password generator of this app. This app supports a number of websites and automatically fills your details on the websites you select. The app can be downloaded from the App Store.

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