10 hidden features of iPhone you might not know about

10 hidden features of iPhone

The iPhone is a great device with a lot of fun features and some of these features are hidden and not many people know about them. Not many people know that the Apple’s device boasts more customizable options than Android. Here, we will try to explore 10 of the hidden features of the iPhone, they are easy and fun to use!

Call back reminder

You can reject any call and set a callback reminder on your iPhone. To use this option in iOS 9, when you receive a call, touch the Remind Me option on top of the “slide to answer” button. In older versions, you swipe in the upwards directions and tap Remind Me Later.

Use alphanumeric password

You can easily set an alphanumeric password on your iPhone by going to the Settings app > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode and when the device asks you to enter a new password, hit ‘Passcode Options’. It provides you more customizable options like using the shorter four-digit password, or, an alphanumeric code.

Change vibration patterns

You can easily change the way your iPhone vibrates by going to the Contacts app > touch any contact, hit the Edit option on the upper-right side. Scroll down to find the vibration field and touch it, the device will provide you with a list of vibration patterns you can also design your own vibration rhythm. To do this, go to Create New Vibration, the device will show you a blank screen and you easily create your own vibration pattern by tapping it.

Click pictures while recording a video

If you are recording a video using your iPhone and suddenly you wish you could capture an image without stopping the shoot, you can do it easily! Just touch the camera icon which appears next to the shutter option. The device will instantly take the photo without ruining your video.

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Extend battery life of iPhone

You can easily save your iPhone’s battery by going to the Settings app> Battery > Low Power Mode. This feature enhances your device’s battery by turning off the unwanted features and the apps that use a lot of data like the email app. It also reduces the graphic effects and animations of your device because they use a lot of battery.

Save PDF files

You can easily convert the web pages into PDF format and add them quickly to your iBooks app. It is the great feature if you like to read long articles on the web and sometimes wish if you could share them via PDF. Sometimes you see eBooks in HTML format and want to turn them into a document. To use this feature, tap Share, scroll to find Save PDF to iBooks and hit it.

Delete digits in Calculator app

iPhone’s Calculator app does not have a delete button. But there is a trick to delete the numbers. You can swipe across the number in the black area at the top – left or right, and for each swipe, a single digit will be deleted from the end of the amount.

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Music timer

iPhone users can easily set a timer to make the device automatically stop playing the music after a certain time. To do this, go to clock app > Timer. After setting the timer, and select ‘When Timer Ends’ option and at the bottom, tap ‘Stop Playing’. Start the timer and then enjoy listening to your favourite songs. They will automatically stop playing according to the timer.

Blinking flashlight

iPhone secretly allows its users to customize the way it flashes when a message arrives. To explore this option, go to your Settings app > General > Accessibility > Hearing > LED Flash for Alerts. Now every time you receive an alert, the LED next to your iPhone’s back camera will start blinking.

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Searching on the web page

If you want to search for a particular word or phrase on a webpage, you can easily look it up by typing the word or phrase in the URL/search bar at the top of the display. Once you start typing, you will start getting the search results from the websites. On the bottom, select “On This Page” option to filter the results and start searching on the current web page only.

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