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With the launch of its new Desktop app, WhatsApp added a list of new things that users can do now. But people are not using these features to their full potential, and the reason is that most of them do not even know about these features. Here is the list of new WhatsApp features that you would love to use.

Can change your friend’s profile picture

Now this is amazing! You can change your friend’s profile image with a monkey. Rename the monkey image with your friend’s contact number, remove the (+) sign from contact number. Now paste the image to his/her profile and all is done.

You can manage your blue ticks

Go to the settings and then privacy. Unmark the ‘read receipts’ to no longer having blue ticks. This trick will not let people see whether you have read their messages or not. But this feature has a drawback as you will also not be able to see if people have read your messages.

read receipts

There’s another trick to avoid blue ticks

If you have not liked the idea of unmarked ‘read receipts’, you can restrain someone from seeing the message status with this trick. Once you have received the message, go to the phone settings and change configurations to airplane mode. Now when you open the message the sender won’t be able to see blue ticks until you open WhatsApp again.

See someone’s last seen while hiding yours

Send a message to a person and then delete that person from your contact list. Go to the app settings, then privacy and change the last seen preference to my contacts.

Last seen

You can bold, Italic, and strike your words

To make your text bold, put (*) on the start and end of your message, to make it italic put (_) at both ends of the text. You can strike a word by adding (~).

WhatsApp Font

You can save your chat history

Go the settings then chat and chat backup. You can set the backup frequency on either weekly or monthly. You can also create the backup of your videos.

Chat Backup

Now you have a bigger heart

Isn’t it cute? Now you can send a giant heart to your special ones. After typing the heart emoji in the message field, send the message without typing anything else.


Transfer videos between phone and computer

Create a group, add a friend and then delete that friend from the group. Now open WhatsApp Web, send the media you want to transfer to your computer through the group. Open the chat on the computer, and you will have the media there.

WhatsApp Web

Choose different tones for different chats

Go on the chat, you want to set a ringtone for. Tap on the name, enable the custom notifications option and choose your favorite ringtone for that chat.


Change your WhatsApp wallpaper

Go to the settings, then chat and wallpaper. Choose your favorite one to make your WhatsApp wallpaper.


Hope you would have enjoyed this post. Start using these lesser known WhatsApp features and amaze your friends!

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