The Minister of Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the government granted the time of six months to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for the verification of the Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs). The first month of this time frame has been completed. NADRA has verified 20 percent ID cards in just one month. The process of verification of the CNICs is going at very fast speed. Up till now, 224,000 CNICs have been verified.

Nisar stated that he is taking every single step to make better the system of NADRA. He said that the helpline which was established for the verification of the CNICs received 37,000 phone calls in just one month. 22,000 people have confirmed that they have at least one unknown person in their family tree. The process of registering the FIRs will be started after 31st August against the foreigners who acquire the Pakistani ID cards by illegal means.

Foreigners hold one-fourth of the total fake ID cards: Nisar

He said that the people from other countries hold one-fourth of the total illegal ID cards in Pakistan. The foreigners who own fake ID cards will be arrested, they will be imprisoned for 14 years, and will be sent back to their countries.

According to him, the mysterious ID cards and passports were made in the past eight years. Nisar appreciated the role of the public in the verification process of the ID cards. He said that he would give the prize of Rs. 10,000 to each person who identifies a fake Pakistani citizen. Most of the objections were placed by NADRA on the verification of the illegal ID cards.

He further stated that the Pakistani passports were used for the human smuggling. More than two thousand passports have been canceled so far.

He explained,

“Mullah Mansour was not the only person who used the Pakistani identity card illegally. Many other people in the country are using fake ID cards.”

Nisar said that the fake identity cards and passports are the signals of the danger to the safety of our country.

“Without our confirmation, no person can be expelled from a country and sent back to Pakistan. During the past eight months, fines were imposed on international airlines. In the past, international airlines used to send any person back to Pakistan just by checking his/her identity.”