Hijab Emojis proposal

For expressing various kinds of emotions, the social networking websites may be getting hijab emojis, thanks to Rayouf Alhumedhi – a 15-year Saudi girl who lives in Germany. She is on a mission of increasing the representation of the Muslim women and men in the virtual world.

The teenager has recently suggested the Unicode Consortium (an organization that reviews the new emojis) to introduce hijab emojis for the Muslim women.

Before suggesting the new emojis, she read an article, based on the designs of emojis. After that, she recommended Unicode Consortium via email to design the hijab emojis.

Alhumedhi wrote via email,

“Digital photographs and smileys are the most important elements of expressing the emotions in the virtual world. A lot of new emojis are being introduced every other day, colorful and funny smileys are the easiest way to know the positive or negative emotions of the people. Hijab is a very common dress of Muslim women and hence, the Muslim women could benefit from the hijab emojis.”

According to a research, 43 percent of the population of 10 lac Muslim women in the United States prefer wearing the hijab. Alhumedhi started to think about hijab emojis after she observed an increase in the debate regarding hijab. Now, Alexis Ohanian – the co-founder of Reddit (an online form) also supports the teen for her suggestion of the new emojis. These Emojis are expected to be launched in 2017.

The girl told the BBC that she felt while chatting with her friends that there should be hijab emojis for the representation of every Muslim woman.

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Earlier, Google unveiled a group of emojis meant to better represent females in the practical fields. These emojis are available in both male and female versions with all skin tones include a chef, a graduate, and a David Bowie-like rock star.



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