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David Eisman is a 16-year old student at Browning School, New York City and he does not know any kind of programming language except a little bit of C#. He wanted to work in the industry of video games. But unfortunately, none of the video game companies hired him because he had no experience and he did not know how to create a video game.

He decided to make his own video game company. In January 2016 he successfully created a game company with the name Pixelman Productions. Although he belongs to a rich family, his dad did not invest in his company, Business Insider reported.

To start a new business without anyone’s help is very tough but he tried hard. He visited the websites and forums of the video games and started posting unique advertisements. In the ads, he wrote that he was starting a new business of video games, and he needs people. The members would be paid by sharing the income.

David Eisman hired a Pakistani man in his video game startup

People started posting comments like “Are you stupid?” on his ads thinking that he was joking. But he successfully convinced some 30 people. Out of them, he employed 12 individuals. Interestingly, one of the persons he hired was from Pakistan. This Pakistani man is 35-years old and he is the oldest among the individuals he hired.

The team also includes two programmers, artists, a writer, a marketing team from Poland and two music composers. The youngest person is 18-years old. It’s a global group. Although his father did not help him in the project investment, his father was kind enough to assist him with the agreements between him and the people he hired,

David Eisman created a Walking Simulator

You might be thinking what kind of video game did the David Eisman design. Well, his video game is different from regular video games. He created a walking simulator, called Mirka (meaning wild man) in which, the player needs to walk the earth and find exciting puzzle-like problems.

In this exciting game, the player gets audio/visual hints to solve the puzzles. The player can also use the supernatural powers to solve the mysteries. The primary person in this game is a female named Liza. She is finding her friend in a forgotten wilderness and she finds a native tribe.

She spends a good time with them. Things happen and eventually, the tribe is in problem and Liza has to find out how to save their lives.

Features of the Mirka game

  • Narrative driven
  • Atmospheric
  • Adventure
  • Family friendly
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Walking simulator

It’s an emotional game. It is very likely that the girls will enjoy this game a lot more than boys because the game does not involve a lot of action. Boys like to play action games, racing games, but this game is entirely different from them.

The Mirka game’s official trailer is out. The game will be available on the Desktop computers and MACs very soon. Afterward, a PlayStation version is expected to be released by the Pixelman Productions. The company has the plan to initiate a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks.

David Eisman has plans for developing more interesting games. He wants to create educational games by which, kids can learn something good.

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