2.3b for cybercrime police stations across Pakistan

cybercrime police station

Government of Pakistan has decided to establish 10 cybercrime police stations and forensic labs across the country to empower Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in its quest against the cyber terrorism and crime. The sources report that government has allocated over Rs. 2 billion for this purpose.

The sources also informed that FIA will need support in terms of manpower, too. the agency will need to hire more than 800 IT experts across the country to deal with cybercrime. The establishment of these police stations and laboratories is part of the government’s  plan of combating the cyber crime after enforcement of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (cybercrime law).

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The cybercrime law has been enforced since August 2016 and the FIA had informed the government that the proper enforcement of this law will need huge expenditure in terms of funds and manpower. Cyber police stations and forensic laboratories already exist in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi already have cyber police stations but there is a dire need of updating these labs if we want to fight the cyber crime effectively.

Mr Shahid Hassan, the  head of FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing Lahore informed that the new law is very helpful but we will huge resources and signing of treaties with other countries because the cyber offenders not operating form within the country. He further suggested that the officers of FIA and the staff of these cybercrime police stations needs capacity building training to fight the crime better.

There are many aspects of cybercrime law such as unauthorized or illegally obtained mobile sims, unauthorized access to any information system or data, dissemination of information to praise or glorify an offence, selling, possessing and transmitting another person’s identity information, scams as fake profiles of someone on social networking sites, breach of their privacy. So, it needs a lot of attention and funds for cybercrime law to be implemented in its real spirit so that the people can benefit from it.

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