Metro Buses in Lahore

The Metro buses for feeder routes are all set to officially start working this week. As we reported earlier Punjab government is introducing 200 Metro buses in Lahore in collaboration with Daewoo Pakistan.

According to the Express Tribune, Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) has almost completed arrangements to start the service on 14 routes of the Lahore Metro Buses by next week and is seeking an appointment from the Chief Minister’s Office for the inauguration of the project.

The Metro Bus project for feeder routes has seen many delays over the course of time. Earlier, the project lingered due to confusion in agreement terms between the authority and the operator, Daewoo Pakistan.

Later on, the government couldn’t finalize whether the Punjab Mass Transit Authority or the Punjab Safe Cities Authority should install surveillance cameras on its routes. Luckily for the people, it was finally decided that PMA, through its vendors, would install the CCTV cameras.

Anyone who lives in Lahore must’ve seen Red Metro buses running around the city; this was actually part of drivers’ route training, which is now complete as well.

In its first phase, the public buses will operate on 14 feeder routes, covering a total length of 123 kilometers. Later, more buses will be inducted in a phased manner once the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train is complete and operational.

PMA has already made arrangements to integrate ticketing systems of both the Lahore Metro Bus service and feeder buses to enable passengers to travel on a single ticket. According to the partnership agreement, the Metro Buses will be equipped with automated fare collection and bus scheduling system (AFC-BSS) as well as GPS tracking devices.


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