200 new metro buses to hit city roads in August

New Metro Buses

Punjab Metrobus Authority (PMA) has signed an agreement with Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service for the procurement, operation, and maintenance of 200 new metro buses that will hit the roads in August.

PMA Operations General Manager Syed Uzair Shah said the new Metro buses were in the final stage of manufacturing and would arrive in Pakistan the next month.

Initially, the buses would run on 14 feeder routes spread over 123 kilometers, and later more buses will be inducted to the mass transit network, the General Manager said.

It is not yet disclosed whether all these buses would only run on Lahore city roads or some of them are for Islamabad Metro. The details of the distribution of these new metro buses would be released afterward.

The PMA aims to provide public transport to all citizens within 500 meters of their locations, and the induction of new 200 buses will help improve integrated bus operations in the country.

Project delayed due to disagreement of parties

Earlier, it was announced that new metro buses would hit the roads in April but the project slowed down due to the disagreement over terms of the contract between PMA and the operator.

Daewoo Pakistan is investing PKR 3bn for the procurement of 200 buses including 162 big 70-seater and 38 small buses. The company will operate the buses on feeder routes of Metro and charge the authority on a per-kilometer basis.

PMA will pay Rs.165 and Rs.140 a kilometer for big and small buses respectively. According to estimates, each bus can transit 1,000 passengers a day, and two hundred thousand passengers will travel on metro buses daily.

The agreement between PMA and Daewoo Pakistan has been signed for six years but can be extended with the consent of both parties.

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