More than 2000 vehicles stolen from Islamabad in the past 3 years

Stolen vehicles in islamabad

Street crimes in our country have been going in a loop, sometimes up and sometimes down. Apart from mobile and wallet snatching, criminals are getting more organized, certainly the car thieves as they work tirelessly to fulfill the demand for stolen cars and bikes.

In the past three years, more than 2,000 cars and motorbikes were stolen from the capital, where 20 percent of the vehicles were recovered.

Out of 2000 stolen vehicles, 1,389 cars and 884 motorcycles were stolen from federal capital jurisdiction. Of these, 291 cars and 147 motorcycles had been recovered so far.

Minister of State for Interior Baleeghur Rehman told the upper house of Parliament on Friday that 766 cars were stolen in 2014, 369 in 2015 and 254 were stolen in 2016.

As for motorcycles, in 2014, around 442 motorcycles had been stolen in the capital, of which 65 were recovered. In 2015, 263 motorcycles where 42 had been recovered whereas, in 2016, 179 motorcycles had been stolen of which 40 were recovered.

Looking at these stats, it might seem that the street crimes are decreasing, but in the other parts of the country, there is still a need for effective measures to make it near impossible for the culprits to sell their stolen items. In Karachi, CPLC in collaboration with Karachi Electronics Dealers Association has created a  pro forma, making it difficult if not impossible for a thief to sell the stolen mobile phone.

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