Smart Phone Security
Image Source: Phone Arena

In the wake of the recent Wikileaks related to phone security and the intelligence agencies storing data, phone security has emerged as an important new factor of interest in the smartphone users. While some have voiced their concerns about the state of loopholes in operating software of their phones, others just don’t seem to care.

A Washington DC based research center conducted a survey regarding phone security on a sample of 1040 smartphone owners and posted surprising results. According to the results over 25% of smartphone users do not use the lock screen feature and sit at a constant risk of exposing their photos, contacts and other data to anyone who uses their phones.

Different users prefer different phone security and lock screen options such as patterns, PIN numbers or unlocking via fingerprint sensor. Out of the those who do use lock screens, 25% use a PIN number, 23% use fingerprint sensor, 9% use patterns, and 2% use an unidentified form of phone security.

It as found that users who are over the age of 65 do not care about using a lock screen. In addition to the lock screen as many as 14% of users never update their software and 3% do not update apps. One out every 10 users fail to update the existing apps on their phones.

In response to the Wikileaks saga, Apple urged its iPhone users to always use an updated version of their iOS to stay safe from malicious software and possible hacking threats.

Moreover, 54% of users reported using public Wifi, 21% said they use networks for online shopping and another 20% said they use it for online banking, which leaves their phone security in jeopardy. Under the Digital Punjab Program, the government has announced to install 200 public Wifis in Punjab while a reported 7,954 users connected to a public WiFi at the recently concluded PSL Final.

All is not bad though as one out of 5 users regularly update software, apps and use a lock screen while 75% use a lock screen but update software and apps when convenient.


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