35% smartphone users switched to 4G network in a month: PTA

35% mobile users switched to 4G internet

Despite the fact that signals of the 4G-LTE networks are weak in the remote areas and that the prices of the 4G smartphones are very high, the latest report of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) says that users are adopting 4G internet services at the greater pace now.

According to the report, one-third of the total mobile internet users upgraded their devices and networks to 4G technology in the month of August 2016. 4G, which is the fastest mobile internet service, is being adopted by the people very rapidly.

What does report say?

Around 919,513 smartphone users switched their networks to the modern 3G/4G mobile internet networks during last month. Some 35% (or 319,394) users upgraded their networks to 4G technology while the remaining 65% (or 600,119) upgraded to 3G network from the 2G services. Last year, the portion of the increase in 4G/LTE subscribers remained at 27% in the month of August.

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However, overall the growth of 3G/4G internet users was decreased in the month of August 2016 as compared to the July 2016. In August, only 919,513 people upgraded to 3G/4G while in July, the number was 2.25 million. Normally, one million smartphone users are switching to 3G/4G services every month.

Other than this, the total mobile internet users grew 2.89% to 32.69 million in August 2016 from 31.77 million in July 2016. The total mobile internet subscribers, including those not on 3G/4G/LTE networks, was up to 133.90 million in August from 133.28 million in the previous month of July.

Which networks are providing 4G internet?

Presently, Warid Telecom, which has been recently merged with the Pakistan Mobile Communications Ltd (Mobilink) is providing the 4G internet services. Moreover, China Mobile Pakistan (Zong) and Telenor Pakistan are also providing the 4G services in the country.

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One of the major reasons for the increase in 4G subscribers is the availability of the messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber etc. These applications are playing a vital role in attracting the massive internet traffic on mobile phones. Moreover, the e-commerce websites are also helping the cellular companies in attracting users via 4G.

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