4G subscribers

According to the latest data published by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the 3G/4G subscribers have crossed the 51 million mark in the country.

As of February 2018, Pakistan has to 51,248,935 3G/4G subscribers across the country

Internet penetration has been rapidly increasing in the country after the introduction of 3G and 4G technologies. Though Pakistan was a bit late in giving this facility to people, citizens have been making the most out of it now.

By the end of January, the 3G/4G subscribers crossed the 49 million mark indicating the growing inclination of people towards joining the digital world.

Zong once again retained its position of facilitating the most 4G subscribers in the country with Jazz at the second position and Telenor at the third. It is interesting to see that Zong has 5.8 million 4G subscribers, which is quite ahead of 2.5 million 4G users who are using Jazz. Also, Telenor is quite close to Jazz with 2.1 million 4G users.

In the world of 3G, Jazz has the most subscribers followed by Telenor, Zong, and Ufone at the last.

The total broadband users have reached 54 billion while the country has total 148 cellular subscribers. Jazz unsurprisingly is still the largest telco thanks to its merger with Warid. The telecom company has 54.5 million users, followed by Telenor with 42.5 million users.

Zong is again at the third position with 30.8 million users and Ufone at the end with 19.5 million subscribers.

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